A Guide to Paint Sheens or Finishes

A Guide to Paint Sheens or Finishes

There are several sheens or finishes available for interior paints. Today we are going to discuss those sheens to provide you a guide on how to choose the sheen that is right for you.

Any of the home improvement stores in or around Brampton will have paint for interior walls and all the different sheens. How you choose which sheen depends on what area you are painting.

The sheens available

What sheens are available?

  • Flat –this is good for low traffic areas like bedrooms
  • Satin – a beautiful luster that is easy to clean making it great from rooms like dens or family rooms.
  • Semi-gloss – this is good for kitchens and high traffic areas where things get bumped and brushed against the walls.
  • Glossy – Even more durable than semi-gloss for high traffic areas it is shinier than semi-gloss however.


Using a flat paint should be reserved to low traffic, adult areas where the kids will not be running through banging toys and what not against the wall paint. It is not as durable to washing and scrubbing which is why you want to keep this in low traffic areas such as the adult bedrooms, home office as long as the kids are not permitted to play in that room.


This has a beautiful luster without the high shine of gloss and is easy to clean. It is generally used for rooms such as family rooms or dens. It is a durable paint that can stand up to kids and other traffic that may bang or mar the walls.


Semi-gloss is a very durable paint and works well for areas of high traffic that gets a lot of abuse such as trim. It is also best to use in areas where it is damp, drips, or has grease. Think bathrooms and kitchens. It is high shine and very easy to clean. It also has a high durability to scrubbing and abuse from high traffic.

Ways to add color to your home renovationGlossy

This is extremely shiny, easy to clean, and reflects light. This would be great to use on a ceiling in which you want the light from the ceiling light to reflect down into the room.  It is a great choice for things like doors, cabinets, and trims that fingers touch constantly.  This is NOT a good paint for interior walls however, as it is extremely shiny and reflects light.

You also need to understand that with the glossy paint you cannot skimp or preparation work as it will show every bump, ridge, crack, etc.  You will have to sand and clean the areas you are going to paint such as cabinets and trims; you want a smooth even surface to start painting so that you will not have to worry about hiding bumps and other imperfections.


Now you know what sheen you want for what area of your home, you can go to your local home improvement store in Brampton and purchase the colour you want in the right sheen.