9 Home Painting Mistakes to Avoid

drywall_pLaster12If you want a truly professional look when you are done with your room painting, avoid these mistakes.

  • Skipping prep – skipping washing walls, fixing holes, or making sure wall paper you’re going to paint over is firmly tacked down is a big mistake. Paint will not cover dirty walls well, especially any spots that have grease, oil, or cigarette cigar smoke on. Leaving wall paper loose will make lines in the paint and cause it to flake and peel in spots.
  • Not buying the proper amount of brushes or rollers – trying to save money on brushes and rollers by buying cheap ones or not enough is also a big mistake. Not having the proper rollers and brushes will leave blemish in your finished paint.
  • Not using painters tape – do not try to save money by using masking tape in place of painters tape. Painters tape easily removes from other painted areas, moldings, and baseboards without removing paint or leaving sticky adhesive behind on your walls.
  • Not using primer sealer when needed – today many paints come with a primer in the paint, however there are times you still need to use a primer sealer. One such time is if you are painting over a dark colour or if there are grease or oil stains on the wall. The primer in the paint that allows one step painting is just that a primer not a sealer also.
  • Do not paint aimlessly – always start at the top near the ceiling and work your way down so that you can catch any drips or runs and work them into a smooth finish.
  • Don’t dip your brush too far into the paint – you do not need to immerse half the brush into the paint, this only wastes the paint and causes major drips on floor, you, and walls. You only need to dip about 1/3 of the brush into the paint.
  • Do not paint high traffic areas with flat paint – flat paint can’t stand up to the abuse of high traffic and scrubbing the way semi-gloss or glossy finish can. Flat paint is best used in areas such as an adult bedroom where there is less traffic and abuse.
  • Do not try to paint over high gloss without sanding – if you want your paint to adhere to areas with a high gloss lightly rough the area with sand paper and wipe off with clean damp cloth. Roughing it up gives the paint something to adhere too.
  • Never skip clean up – the job is done and yes you’re tired, but always was your brushes and rollers in warm water with dish soap. Once they are rinsed and dried with a towel, wrap them with plastic or foil wrap and store in the box they came in so that they will retain their shape.

If you follow this guide of mistakes to avoid, your walls will have that professional look when you are done painting and you will be proud to show them off.

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