Painting Your Home’s Exterior: Steps to Follow

Painting Your Home’s Exterior: Steps to FollowHouse painting services are something that need to be performed on your home at some point in your home’s life. Without a fresh coat of paint, your home will look old and worn down. Many painters in Toronto offer complete house painting services and you never even have to lift your finger. If you are preparing to paint your home yourself, the tips and tricks below will help you out.

Step 1: Clean Your Home’s Exterior

You cannot paint your home’s exterior until you have cleaned it. For example, if you do not clean your home then you will notice that there are dirt streaks throughout the paint. Not only is this unsightly, it makes it harder to continue painting your home.

To clean the exterior, simply pressure wash it. You should move in an even line until the job is complete and do not skip any portion of the wall.

Step 2: Repair Any Visible Damage

If you notice that there is any damage to your home’s exterior, you need to fix it now. Typically, damage occurs over time and you will find that you may need to fill in the caulk around the joists of your home. In addition, you may need to repair the stucco as well.

Step 3: Remove Any Loose Paint That You See

When you pressure wash your home, you may notice that some of the loose paint peels right off of your home and this is okay. Once you have finished pressure washing your home, you will need to walk around and look at the walls to identify if there is any loose paint leftover. If there is, you need to remove it before you can repaint your home’s exterior.

To remove the loose paint, simply take a paint scraper or sanding block and work it off of your home. You will need to do this to any areas that have visibly loose paint.

Step 4: Protect Your Home

Now it is time to protect the exterior of your home. You do not want to get any paint on your window sills, window trim, light fixtures, etc. Therefore, you need to take the time to wrap them tightly with plastic and tape it to ensure that paint does not go where it is not supposed to.

Step 5: Apply the Paint

Now it is time to apply the paint to your home’s exterior. If you plan to use the same colour, you do not have to prime your home’s exterior first, but if you do choose to go with a different colour, then you will need to apply primer. When you are painting the outside of your home, make sure that you use even strokes and do not apply the paint too heavily in one area.

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