Purchasing the Correct Rollers and Brushes

Should you use Primer When Painting Your Home Interior

If you want a truly professional look then you need to be sure to buy the correct rollers and brushes for the paint you are using as well as the area it will be used for; interior or exterior painting.

Here are some tips on what brushes or rollers to use with the correct paint for interior painting as well as exterior.


There are several different types of brushes that you can buy. We need to talk about each type so that you have a better understanding of what they are and what they are used for.

  • Nylon bristles should be used for water based paints.
  • All natural bristles should be used for oil based paints.
  • All-purpose flagged these are used for a more even smooth layer of paint, the bristles are different lengths and come together in the center to form a crown.
  • 2 inches angled sash brush is used for corners. In order to cut into the corners hold the brush like a pencil and paint a straight line.
  • Foam brushes should be used for intricate work such as molding and window casings. Normally these are only used once and then thrown away because they tear so easily it is hard to clean them and keep them in good shape.


Rollers come in different naps. If you want a smooth even finish use a roller with a 3/8 nap or less. If the area you are painting has a texture then you need to use a nap larger than 3/8 so that it reduces the number of times you have to paint the same area. It will save paint and time to use the larger nap size.

The naps come in both full size rollers and mini rollers. The difference between full size and mini rollers is the space that it will fit into. Also a mini roller may be a better option when it comes to blending in the paint around door jambs, window frames, and molding.

If you have taped your molding and window frames and used a foam brush or sash brush along corners to paint along the edge of these areas and you want better control of your roller in order to blend in the paint here, use a mini roller. By feathering fresh paint over the brushed on paint with a roller it stops what is known as hat banding, by keeping the look uniformed and clean. It will not look like it was down with two different application devices.

Clean up of brushes and rollers

How you clean your brushes and rollers depends on what type of paint you used.

  • Latex paint requires warm soapy water and must be washed immediately; if it is allowed to dry it will require solvents. Now if you are on a public sewer system you can wash the brush with warm soapy water right in your sink. When it comes to disposing of solvents used to clean dried paint you need to be sure that you do not dump it where it could leach into the public water systems.
  • Oil based paints must be cleaned with a solvent such as paint thinner or mineral spirits. These days you can get mineral spirits in an eco-friendly formula that has no odor, and I can say after using the eco-friendly formula that it works very well.