There is more to Choosing Paint than Just the Colour

The Great Debate: Oil-Based Paint or Latex Paint

Maybe you have decided that you are going to paint your dining room so you grab your keys and are heading off to buy paint. STOP! Do you know the differences in paints, finishes, or primer sealers?

There really is more too choosing paint that just picking a colour.  What to look at when it comes to choosing paint.

  • Is it interior or exterior paint? If you are painting outside then you want exterior paint which will hold up to nature better than interior. On the other hand if you are painting inside then you want interior paint.
  • Is it for walls and ceilings or for floors? Painting floors requires a different interior paint than walls or ceilings. Depending on what the floor is made of, wood or concrete, will require a different type of paint base such as oil base for concrete where wood would be latex.
  • Is it for wood, vinyl, or concrete? Some paints do not adhere to vinyl or concrete the way they do to wood and vice versa.
  • Does it need a primer sealer before applying the paint? If it is a natural wood with no finish of any kind then yes you should use a primer sealer first. If the walls are in the kitchen and have a lot of grease or oil spots then use the primer sealer, not only will the primer sealer allow you to use less coats of paint but it also seals the oil in so it can’t bleed through the new paint.
  • How many coats do you need to apply? How many coats you need will depend on the type of paint. If it is the one-step paint you will probably need 2 or 3 coats. If you have used a primer sealer then you may need only 2 coats.
  • What is the finish? Do you know the difference of the finishes? The finishes range from flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and glossy. Flat will not be as durable to scrubbing as semi-gloss and certainly not as durable as glossy. However flat will have no shine while glossy will be shinny. If you do not want glare from lighting, go with an eggshell or semi-gloss depending on how durable to scrubbing it needs to be. In a room such as kitchen with all the cooking grease and oil you really want to use either semi-gloss or glossy. If you like a light shine or sheen instead of flat use the eggshell finishes.

If you make a list of what it is you are painting, walls, ceilings, floor, and what room you are painting, kitchen, family room, then you can more easily figure out just what finish you will want to use. You will also know if you should use a primer sealer as well as paint instead of one-step paint. Also write down the size of the room and take this with you to the paint store. Go over all your notes and room size with a sales associate to make sure you have chosen the best choice in paint.

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