Tips for Home Painting Doors, Windows, and Baseboards

Tips for Home Painting Doors, Windows, and Baseboards

When it comes to home painting most of us can do a job that looks professional; however there are some areas that can be tricky to paint.

Those areas are around the door, the door itself, around windows, and the baseboards. Each one of these requires something a little different so we are going to give you some advice on each of these rather difficult areas to paint.


Windows can be difficult, especially the windows that have more than one pane of glass in them.  The first thing you need to do is open the window and remove the hard ware (locks) that are removable.  The reason you are opening the window is so you can paint the window and the rails that the window sits in when it is closed.

You also need to tape over hinges, so that you do not paint them as well as the area of glass panes next to the frame.

Now take a one inch and start with the open section paint the rails and inside the rails where the window sits when it is closed.  Then we will move onto the window sash and around the panes. The one inch brush should work fine for the larger areas of the sash however a smaller half inch or quarter inch brush will be better for the separating pieces of wood otherwise known as muttons.


If you have not removed the baseboard when paint the walls, tape along the top edge of the baseboard along the wall, use a drop cloth on the floor.  Start the baseboard by painting one section that is not too long starting in the middle, then edge along the floor and then the top along the wall carefully. Make sure your paint spreads evenly and not too thin in any of these areas. Move on to the next section until the baseboard is completed. Remember as always when painting with a brush, to go in one direction only.


First remove the door hardware, handle or knob, then tape the latch and hinges in order to keep from getting paint on those.

If the door has raised panes, start with those first, keep the paint even and brush with the grain of the wood. Then paint around the panes and move into the middle of the door starting at the top of the door and brush paint with the grain moving down to the bottom, do the same with outer sides of the door.

Now paint the door frame again start at the top and move toward the bottom. Carefully edge along the wall and floor and make sure the paint is even over all the door area.

Remember for a door no matter what colour you choose to paint to purchase semi-gloss or glossy in order to stand up to scrubbing and wear from things being banged against it, especially if you have kids ranging from young to teenagers.

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