Tips the Other Professional Painters Don’t Want You to Know

Tips the Other Professional Painters Don’t Want You to Know

Very few professional painters want you to know what we are about to tell you. We are going to give you tips from professionals that will help you paint your home and achieve the highest professional look possible.

  • Sand away imperfections
  • Use a tinted primer
  • Use canvas drop cloths
  • Press tape down
  • Scrape a ridge in textured ceilings
  • Finish one wall at a time
  • Wash walls with a degreaser
  • Use a paint conditioner to stop brush and roller lap marks

Sanding away imperfections

Start out with sanding away imperfections using a pole sander. Start at the baseboard and go to the ceiling with a fine grit paper for sanding. This will knock off rough spots, even out joint compound on seams, and reduce the ridges around nail holes. Then after the main area of the wall has been sanded use the pole sander to sand parallel to the baseboard and ceiling. You have to be careful not to put too much pressure on sanding with a pole sander or the head will rotate and can leave a gouge or deep mark in your wall that you will have to fill.

Tinted primer

The pros use a tinted primer as it gives better coverage than white primers and cuts down on the number of coats of paint it takes to cover the wall. Tinted primer also keeps the paint colour uniformly even without spots that have a thinner or different hue than the rest of the wall.


When it comes to taping, never use masking tape it leaves a sticky residue that is hard to clean. Also after taping around areas with painter tape, press it down with a putty knife so that it does not allow paint to bleed through onto areas that the paint is not supposed to go.

Ridge a textured ceiling

Using a flat screwdriver, run it along the ceiling edge to remove the texture and create a channel. This will keep the paint from getting into the textured ceiling and you will never notice the texture at the edge of the wall missing.

Canvas drop clothes

Canvas for drop clothes is the choice of pros for the following reasons; it does not allow paint to bleed through to the floor and unlike plastic it does not allow the paint to puddle up and not dry which is how it gets tracked through the house on the bottom of someone’s shoes.

Paint conditioner

Pros use a paint conditioner to make brush marks or laps less noticeable. They use it on sheetrock, carpentry, cupboards and doors. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how much conditioner to add per gallon of paint.

Finish one wall at a time

All the pros say finish one wall at a time before moving on to the next wall. This means cut in the edges of that wall (if that wall has a window also cut it in) then roll the paint on the wall, then move on to the next wall. This keeps the finished look professional.

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