Tools You Need to Have on Hand When Painting Your Home

Tools For Home Painting

 Tools You Need to Have on Hand When Painting Your Home

Any home painting job requires tools of the trade to be able to complete the job correctly and get the results you want. When you first think about painting your home, you probably think that you need a brush and paint and while you do, there are more tools that you are forgetting and once you get knee deep into the project, it will be too late to stop. Below, we will go over all of the home painting tools you need to get the job done. Remember, prep early and save yourself the stress and hassle.

  1. Tarp or Large Cloth

You need to have a tarp or large cloth on hand that will cover your flooring. Bet you forgot about the floor, huh? Paint can drip off of your brush, the walls, and the ceiling, so it is important that you always have a tarp on the ground to keep your wood floor, carpet, and tile safe. Unless of course you want the flooring to match the walls.

When purchasing a tarp, make sure to measure the room you will be painting in and grab a tarp that is a little larger than the size you need. You can tape the tarp down to the floor to secure it in place as well.

  1. Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is a necessity as it will allow you to protect your door frames, trim, window sills, ceiling, and baseboards. The tape goes on easily and you can quickly remove it and re-stick it where needed to accommodate your painting plans.

Once reason that homeowners prefer to use painter’s tape over masking tape is because the painter’s tape holds up better over time and will not peel any paint off of your walls.

  1. Ladder

How else are you going to reach the top of the walls and ceiling? Always have a ladder on hand in case you need to use it. When you do use the ladder, make sure someone else is around to watch you to ensure your safety.

  1. An Array of Brush Sizes

While you may think that your favorite paintbrush is the only one you need, you are wrong. In fact, you need to have an array of brush and roller sizes to ensure the job gets done correctly. For example, a small one-inch brush can help you when it comes time to do the top of the wall near the ceiling. You will also find that a larger two-inch or three-inch brush is ideal for your door frame and baseboards.

If you do choose to use a paint roller, make sure you choose one that is designed for the texture you have on your walls and ceiling. For instance, a roller designed for a flat roof cannot be used on a popcorn roof as the paint will not be evenly distributed.

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