Your Home’s Exterior Needs to Be Properly Prepped to Avoid Extreme Weather Issues

Your Home’s Exterior Needs to Be Properly Prepped to Avoid Extreme Weather Issues

If you will be painting the exterior of your home, you should know that you are taking on a big task. If you ever find yourself stuck when trying to paint your home, you can rely on a professional painter in Toronto to assist you. Before you start painting your home, it is vital that you understand how to properly paint your home to protect it from the extreme weather elements outside.

If you choose to work with a painter in Toronto, he or she will use the proper products and techniques to protect your home. Below, we will go over some tips to help you.

  1. Always Prepare the Surface of Your Home

Before you can paint your home, you must prepare the surface of it first. What this means is that you need to clean it and remove any old paint that may be loose. If you fail to do so, your new coat of paint will include dirt marks and paint streaks.

Most homeowners find it easy to simply use a pressure washer to clean their home. You can even add soap or other chemicals into the pressure washer to help clean your home further. After you have pressure washed your home, you will need to do a walk around to ensure all loose paint is gone.

  1. Tools for the Job

You cannot complete a painting job without the right tools for it. For example, you need to have a paint scraper on hand as it will allow you to remove the loose paint with ease. Without it, you may find that picking the paint off of your home is a slow and tedious process.

Next, you should always have a sanding block at your disposal because you will need to sand down the rough surfaces or any imperfections that you find. If you do not sand these areas down, painting the surface will be difficult and your results will yield an uneven surface.

Lastly, you need a pressure washer. As mentioned above, it will help you remove dirt and dust from your home along with loose paint.

  1. Patch Your Home and Caulk It

Before you start to paint, it is a good idea to go around and patch any problem areas on your home and you should re-caulk all of your windows and doors. This will help protect your home and stop moisture from penetrating the wood frame of your home.

Once you have prepped your home, you can begin to paint it, but you will need to make sure that you choose the right type of paint to you. In fact, you will need to use exterior paint as interior paint is not able to withstand the weather and is not designed to work well outdoors.

If you decide you need a professional painter in Toronto, call the team at Executive Touch Painters & Home Renovations. We will help you paint the exterior of your home in no time!

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