Beyond the Paint: Bringing Harmony to Your Home

Beyond the Paint

dsc00350Interior residential painting brings a whole slew of implications to the table that simply aren’t present in exterior painting. For many, a home is a sanctuary of sorts, and the need for cohesion in a home’s interior is a fundamental step in attaining one’s idyllic, dream home. Whether the goal is a simple and clean modernist look or a more rustic emphasis on natural hues or even an eye-popping scheme of bright and vibrant colours, one needs to keep these things in mind to achieve that desired effect.

Discern Your Goals

Were your goals any of the aforementioned templates? Something else entirely? This is the most important question when approaching a home renovation of any kind. The atmosphere you want to create with your home must be decided upon before any substantial progress can be made. As well, a clear-cut goal can help minimize confusion and eliminate your chances of blending two incompatible styles, thereby avoiding a lack of cohesion and saving you money on a decision you may regret. Remember, you can start anything without a plan, but this will only prolong the process and make your project more aggravating when things don’t pan out like you hoped they would.

dsc00025Acknowledge Where You Stand

Are you painting only a part of your home? How do your appliances, furniture, and other homely possessions flow with your colour choices? These questions are vital as they wholly determine your approach to interior residential painting. You may want to opt for a different shade or a different colour entirely if your first choice seems to clash too heavily with the rest of your home. If you are painting a whole home or an entire floor, you have less need to stress about older paint colours and should be focusing more on how your furniture, decorations, and larger belongings (i.e. home theatre, appliances, etc.) work with your paint choices. If you are starting from scratch with a relatively new home, you may even want to gradually purchase items for your house with your ideal colour tones in mind.

Cohesion in the Details

Once you have a good idea of your future home’s aesthetics, you need to consider how you can polish and refine your fundamental plan. Lighting is often an overlooked factor in interior paint selection; in essence, your choices could look entirely different from how you imagine due to your method of lighting. Each colour offers its own spectrum depending on the time of day and the types of natural and artificial lighting your home employs. Something as simple as the direction of your sunlight exposure can make a colour you had second thoughts about something truly special, so it is important to test your colour swatches in a variety of lighting types.

Another, more obvious element of interior detailing lies in, well, the details. Perhaps you will want to move around furniture to better complement your colour scheme or purchase a new lamp or candle holder that doesn’t interrupt the flow of your home. At this point, you are now at the homestretch and the possibilities for your residential painting are endless.