Fight the winter blues with vibrant hues!

Winter Doesn't Need To Be Cold, Put The Summer In Your Home!

During the winter when the days are at their shortest, it can be especially difficult to stay motivated. Overcast days and dark evenings can make even the most active among us want to crawl under a blanket and wait for flip flop season to come back. But staying active is important for your health in any season. One way to add a little pick me up to your winter routine is to take on a painting project. Not only will this give you something to do and look forward to, but colour therapy can help improve your mood and lift you out of the winter blahs. Certain colours – particularly white, purples, yellows, greens and reds have been shown to boost energy and help people feel more upbeat. Think about using one or more of these colours in your next painting project.

Make a statement

A statement wall is a great way to spruce up just about any room. Select a wall in a room where you like to spend a lot of time – then choose a colour that contrasts with the other walls yet still works well with your flooring and your décor.

Use a colour that will draw the eye and make a great impression on your guests. Statement walls are a great way to transform a room and it takes less than half the time that it would if you were to paint the entire room. For not much work at all, you can look like a design genius!

For your home renovation during this winter pick brighter colors

Furniture painting

If you’re not feeling up the task of painting a room, then consider painting a piece of furniture. Whether you have kitchen dinette set that is just begging for a change or whether you pick up something to work on as a project at your local thrift shop, it can be a fun challenge for you and your family to create an entirely new look for a piece of furniture simply by adding some fun colours to it.

Items such as tables, chairs, chests, dressers and night stands can all make great projects. Vintage pieces of furniture with a fun coat of paint can also make wonderful Christmas gifts for the person on your list who has everything.

Ceiling paint

Gone are the days when your only choice for ceiling paint was white. Today professional interior designers and adventurous homeowners alike are choosing creative ceiling colour options. For kitchens and living rooms consider going with neutral earth tones or greys.

For a rec room or a child’s room, go ahead and get more creative with bright colours or even sparkle! Get your kids involved in the process by having them select their favourite colours. Older kids can even help apply the paint.

Remember that the most important part of your winter painting project should be to get the whole family involved in an exciting change. Working together, looking forward to the final project and having some nice colours to chase away the winter blues will help make these short, cold days to feel a little less dreary.