Frequently Asked Questions on Painting

Frequently Asked Questions on Painting

We have gathered some of our most often asked questions when it comes to painting for you.  We chose these questions with the residents of Brampton in mind.

Ways to add color to your home renovationQ. I live in Brampton, what should the temperature be when I paint my home’s exterior? You want to paint when the outside temperature is going to stay in the range of 10 C to 26C.

Q. I have all the preparation done on my home exterior but the weather is forecasting rain should I go ahead and start painting and try to beat the storm? First you do not want to paint with high humidity. If it is going to storm hold off until the storm is over and the humidity level is back between 40% and 60%.

Q. Do I really need to purchase to a separate primer if I purchase a paint that has the primer in it? The answer to that is it depends on the situation. If you are painting over a dark colour with a light colour then yes you should get the separate primer to keep the dark colour from bleeding through. If you are painting wood for the first time, yes you need the separate primer as the wood will be like a dry sponge taking in the paint. If you are painting a kitchen wall or a garage wall that has been splattered with oil and grease, yes you need a separate primer to keep the stains from bleeding through the new paint.

Q. Some say tape window panes some say not to tape, which is right? The experts say not to tape instead scrape window panes.

Q. The painters tape I used will not stay on what do I do? When applying painters tape, gently press it down with a putty knife. This will help keep it in place and not cause scratches or gouges in woodwork or flooring.

Q. Can I just move all my big furniture like the sofa and chairs to the middle of the room and cover them with a drop cloth? You could however I would not advise it. Should the drop cloth get caught on a ladder leg or something it could be dislodged and then you end up with paint splatter on your furniture.

Q. Is there a difference in paints? Yes there is a difference in paints, not just brand to brand but also in what type of paint it is and what finish you want. There is paint specifically for concrete like you might find in your basement and paint for interior and exterior. When it comes to finishes, there is flat, matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss.

Q. I want to paint my metal cabinets is there a specific paint I need to buy? If the cabinets are not rusty no you can use a semi-gloss or high gloss to paint them. If they are in your kitchen or garage near a source of water or dampness you may want to use a rust preventing paint like Rustoleum.

If you have other questions regarding painting in Brampton please do not be afraid to ask the experts.