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Choosing the right colors for your home renovation

Here in Brampton, it is spring and summer is right around the corner. Is this the year you are going to paint your home interior or exterior?

We are going to go over the fundamentals of painting with you.


First let’s talk about supplies. If you wish to have a finished look that rivals the professionals then you need to make sure you do NOT skimp on supplies for the job.

Drop clothes, do not skimp on these. You’ve seen the plastic drop clothes sold in home improvement stores around Brampton. These are not what you want to buy to save a few bucks. The reason is that any spills or splatters are going to puddle on the plastic; and as you move about the room it is highly likely that you will step in it and then spread it through the house on your carpets and hardwood floors. Instead purchase canvas drop clothes these will protect your floors and any furniture you were unable to move out of the room.

Brushes these should be good quality brushes. If you get cheap brushes you will find bristles in your paint on the wall. That is certainly not a good look.

Roller covers again you want to purchase quality roller covers and you need to make sure you buy the right nap. The right nap of the roller cover will depend on the type of finish you are trying to achieve.

Tape, truly do yourself a favor and just buy the blue painters tape and save yourself a large hassle. If you try to use masking tape not only will it leave a gunky sticky film behind; but it is not made for paint and the paint could soak through on the area you do not want paint on. So you have to ask yourself is it worth a buck or two to go through all that hassle?

Degreaser if you are painting a room like the kitchen, you want to wash the walls with a good degreaser.

Wood filler you may need to fill holes in the walls where there have been paintings or photos hung. You can use either a small can of plastic wood filler or you can use joint compound for dry wall hanging depending on what type of walls you have.

Primer even though today there is paint with primer in one, there are still times you will need to purchase a primer. One of those is when the colour you are painting over is a dark colour and your new choice is a light colour. If the wall has had a lot of grease caked on it. In both these instances the primer will keep the dark colour or grease from bleeding through and changing the new colour.

Sanding paper depending on exterior or interior will determine not only the grit but the amount of sand paper you may need for the job.

So there you have it Brampton, remember do not skimp on supplies, it will only give a poor finished look. If you are going to spend the money and invest the time of doing it yourself, then you want to do it right.