Choosing the perfect living room paint

The Right Colors Can Make The Whole Difference

Choosing the right colors for your home renovation

When you think about painting ideas for your living room, you want to get it just right. The living room is often the area of the home that best displays the personality of the homeowner to guests as well as family members. It is a place for visiting and holding lively conversations as well as an area to relax, unwind and veg out in front of the television. The paint colour and décor that you choose is a chance to express yourself in this room where you and your family spend so much of your time.

Paint colours for music lovers

Music is a huge part of many people’s lives, and you may choose to express your love for music in your paint and décor. For example, someone who loves the classical rhythms of Mozart and Bach might choose a neutral earth tone with white trim. Décor in such a room might display a mix of woods and metallics.

Jazz fans might choose to go with a bold yet sophisticated rose red base. Gold or white trim could help to complete the mood.

For the family that just can’t get enough rock and roll, you might consider a darker space. Try using a light grey with a darker coloured trim. Décor made from dark woods or leathers can help to finish off this edgier look.

Rustic or country colours

If you just love the look of country style homes, you can reflect this in your choice of living room paint colours as well. Beige with a tint green is a great base to start with.

Include rustic furnishings in your décor such as a table or chest made from distressed wood with wrought iron hardware.

Trims of magenta or dark red help to complete the country theme.

Easy, breezy and beachy

Do you love the look of Florida style homes that remind you of a breezy beach on a summer’s day? Then consider airy colours such as pale blues, pinks and yellows. Lightweight sheer window coverings and wicker accents go well in this style of room.

Post-modern décor

Do you and your family prefer the trendy minimalist post-modern look? Then choose a single colour that gives the room a clean and bright feel. Choose décor that gives a few nice pops of colour but that is not overpowering. Black, bright red and gold are all great choices for the lover of the post-modern.

The colours you choose to paint your living room should be colours that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. A good idea when choosing colours is to consider the interests and tastes of you and your family and then think about what colours and décor styles best reflect that. Trends in living room paint colours will come and go but if you think about what best reflects your own sense of style, you won’t have to worry about trends – because what you choose, will be right for you.

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The right paint colours can make your home renovation the perfect one