Providing Painting Services Throughout Newmarket

Executive Touch Painters has been providing painting services to residents of Newmarket for over twenty years. Our experienced team of painters provide a whole spectrum of painting services both residential and commercial. We do interior as well as exterior painting and we will even do faux finishes.

Our exterior painting services include not only homes, but also decks, fences and gazebos.

Because we are a fully licensed and insured (including WSIB) company, you never have to worry when you trust a painting job to us.

Our work is even highly regarded enough to have earned us a bit of fame on HGTV’s Income Property and Home Stars.

Our Process

Each painting job begins with a consultation between us and the client so that everyone knows what to expect. Some clients choose to take advantage of our colour consultations which can help give assurance that the colour you choose will look great in your room.

We will also discuss the paint finish. Whether we recommend gloss, eggshell or flat will be determined by a number of factors including the room you are painting and your lifestyle. We will clearly outline the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

Once the paint colour and finish have been decided we will arrange a time for the painter(s) to get to work. For residential jobs, setting up a work time is usually pretty straightforward. For larger commercial jobs, there may be more complex logistics to work out to ensure that we cause as little interruption to your regular business as possible.

Before any actual painting, we will make sure that your personal belongings are well protected and not in danger of getting any paint on the. We will then prepare the surface to be painted. This may involve cleaning (especially if this is an exterior paint job), or making minor repairs, filling in holes in drywall and sealing cracks.

Once we start painting, most jobs go fairly quickly. Darker paint colours typically require more coats of paint so jobs in which a darker colour is being used may take a bit longer.

When the painting is complete, our crews clean up after themselves. When you come into your home or business to see your new paint job, we don’t want you to be looking at a mess – we want you to be looking at your beautiful new room. So that’s the only thing we leave for you to see. (Of course, it there’s some extra paint, we may leave that for you as well – along with some advice on how to keep you walls looking great for years to come.)

Why Choose Us?

For some, selecting a painting contractor can be a bit intimidating. After all, you’re hiring strangers to come into your home or business and make a change that can seem quite dramatic. We understand this, and therefore provide you with as much information about ourselves as possible – and provide some testimonials as well.

Our professionalism, commitment to quality and care for our clients are just a few of the reasons that Newmarket residents choose us. Call us today and discover this for yourself.