Read These Painting Blog Tips and Learn How to Do Interior Painting Like a Pro

Learn How To Paint Like A Pro

spanishcolor2When it comes to do-it-yourself guides, painting blog posts are among the most popular. People always want to learn how to paint their walls, floors, and even the exterior of their homes. If you want to paint a room, or at least part of a room, it’s good to do a bit of research beforehand. It’s good to have some idea of what you are getting yourself into so that you’ll be less likely to make costly mistakes.

Painting isn’t too difficult and doesn’t need any specialized training. However, you still need a bit of guidance and advice. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Make sure you have all of the right tools. A large roller brush is usually recommended for walls. You will still want a smaller brush to paint corners and to access parts of the room that require precision. Scrap paper or old newspapers are essential as well. Even if you plan on painting the floor later on, you’ll still want to keep it protected from dripping wall paint. Another important item you’ll need for an interior painting project is the right kind of primer. Also, be sure to use a paint grid. You won’t want to roll paint from a tray, as it can be a messy process.

It’s a good idea to always use primer – especially if you’re planning to paint new drywall or over a dark colour. Primer serves multiple purposes: it prevents staining, prepares the surface for paint coverage, and improves paint adhesion, which prevents peeling and blistering.  There are different types of primers that are ideal for various situations. Make sure you use one that is formulated for your specific painting needs.

The surface should be as smooth as possible and free of grit and debris. Sand over any lumps and clean the entire surface.

To reach the high areas, use an extension pole rather than a stepladder. Telescoping extension poles make the job easier and safer. They are available with extensions ranging from 18-inches to 36-inches. Use paint rollers that have threaded holes on the handle. The ideal extension pole should have a nonslip grip and sturdy metal core. The threaded end should be made of metal rather than plastic, as plastic handles are too cheap and flexible.

Choosing the right colors for your home renovationAlways start from the top and work your way down. If you want to paint the entire room, start painting the ceiling near the corner. If you only want to paint the walls, use the roller rush to paint the main surface of the wall, starting near the top. Switch to a smaller brush to take care of the corners. Be careful when blending the strokes made from the two different brushes. Continue in sections on one wall at a time.

Let the paint on the walls completely dry before painting the trim. Place painter’s tape where the wall and trim meet. Paint the baseboard, moldings, and window and door frames with a 2-inch angled brush. As you paint the trim, paint the tops of the windows and doors first and work downwards. Save the baseboards for last.

If you are unable to complete the job in one day, brush or roll off the excess paint, and tightly wrap the brushes in plastic wrap. Place the roller sleeves and wrapped brushes in the refrigerator to ensure that they stay fresh. When you’re ready to resume painting, take them out of the cold storage about 30 minutes beforehand.

Good luck with your interior painting project!