Should you DIY or Hire a Professional Painter?

Should you DIY or Hire a Professional Painter?

This is the year you have decided to paint your home either interior or exterior to spruce it up and give it a new look. The question is should you do it yourself or hire a professional painter?

If you live in Brampton it is not as difficult to hire a professional painter as you may think. There are a few things you need to consider when deciding on doing it yourself or going with a professional.

Do it yourself things to consider

If you thinking of saving yourself money and painting your home yourself you need to consider a few things:

  • Time – do you have time to do it yourself? Do you have a whole weekend to spend painting? Even small interior rooms will take a couple days to do the job right. If the room is medium to large it will take more than a couple days, it could be a couple weekends. If it is the exterior it could be a couple weeks or longer to do the job right.
  • Equipment – will I need specialized equipment that I have to rent or buy? Things like scaffolding, ladders, and air paint equipment such as rollers or brushes that work with air?
  • Financial – can I afford to take time off work to do this job? Would I be able to afford it if I get hurt painting my home and miss work or end up in the hospital?

The biggest question is time; we all have such busy schedules these days can you really block of a weekend or two? Second and most important is can you afford to miss work because you hurt yourself?  When it comes to equipment I am sure there are several places in or around Brampton that allows people to rent equipment; but what if something happens will you be able to afford to purchase a piece of equipment if you brake it?

Hiring a professional

When hiring a professional here are a few things to consider:

  • Are they licensed and bonded? If not you do not want to hire them.
  • How long have they been in business at the same address? If they move around you do not want to hire them. They could take your deposit and not come back.
  • Will they guarantee their work for a year or two? They should guarantee their work for a year or two.
  • Make sure to get a written estimate or quote.
  • References – ask for recent customers for references and contact them ask them if they were pleased with the work and crew? If the job was completed on time?

Those are just a few of the things when it comes to hiring a professional you need to look at. There are several more which we will discuss in further detail tomorrow.

In summary, if you can’t devout the time to do it yourself, do not have the equipment, you are worried about the financial aspect then you should probably hire a professional from or nearby Brampton.