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3 Reasons Toronto Businesses Choose Professional Commercial Painting Contractors

In Toronto, spring is the ideal time to complete a painting project. Whether you run a restaurant, office, retail store, hotel or any other type of business, giving your company a new look will make a massive difference between people stepping in and people driving on by.

When taking on a large scale commercial painting project, there are many considerations to be taken into account. One of them is choosing the right commercial painting contractor in Toronto.

Top Reasons to Chose Commercial Contractor

1. Appealing and Long-Lasting Results

For any commercial building, the painting should be long lasting and should be attractive. Any commercial exterior painting company can do large scale painting works. But choose the company whose work is long lasting with the perfect results. Painting your commercial building at regular intervals will keep your business look tidy and also ahead of your competitors. Commercial Painting Toronto companies know what measures to be implemented to meet your precise specifications and deliver superior results concerning aesthetics, durability, and performance of the coating systems, on budget and on time.

2. Use of Latest Techniques in Painting

Painting industry is changed day by day. Many new techniques have come in commercial interior and exterior painting. Professional commercial painting contractors should be able to use the latest techniques for industrial painting. Ignoring the latest methods of preparing surfaces for the application of paint or opting for the wrong ones could result in adhesion problems between the substrate and the new paint film. This will eventually cause the coating system to fail prematurely.

On the other hand, the key to ensuring maximum coating performance on commercial spaces is following adequate surface preparation and paint application procedures. By hiring a commercial exterior painting company for your Toronto Business, you can provide proper surface preparation and correct paint application techniques. Besides that, a paint job involves safely removing lead on surfaces and other harmful substances. These jobs are done correctly by commercial exterior painting contractors.

3. Extensive project planning and execution

Not only typical painting, but a commercial painting company should also be well versed in the planning and execution of the commercial painting project. The best thing about hiring commercial building painters is that they have proper planning and execution techniques. They will address every small aspect of all the procedures, planning, project details, budget and execution with you.

Professional Commercial Painting Contractors can help you in


Commercial Painting projects involve a lot of experience, planning, dedication and execution blended with professionalism to get the perfect results.

For more than 25 years, Executive Touch Painters has been a Toronto’s commercial painting contractor of choice because of its uncompromising quality of work and professionalism. So, Contact or Call us at (416)-410-0164 to¬†Get a Free Estimate now and add color to your business in Toronto.

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