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Advantages of Hiring Professional Restaurant Painters

Advantages of Hiring Professional Painters to Paint Your Restaurant in Toronto

Paint is vital in presenting your restaurant or retail space to your customers. A fresh coating of paint will create a sense of freshness on the minds of your customers and tells them it is the best place to hang out again. Returning customers bring better fame to your business.

Executive Touch Painters and Home Renovations Ltd maintains exceptional quality in painting your restaurant at reasonable rates. We pride ourselves in perfection, and we pay attention to the smallest details, that make a big difference. We help you in making your space look stunning, and you will see the value of hiring our professional Toronto painters for painting your restaurant.

Benefits of Hiring Executive Touch for Painting Your Restaurant

1. We are Cost-Effective

Our professionals are experts at sticking on to the budget proposed by you at the beginning of the project. We always understand that margins can be tight when running their own business, so we respect that and stick to the budget. If by instance there are unexpected costs, we will discuss with you before incurring further costs.

2. Ability to Change the Look of Room or Building

The look of the building has an impact on the business. Also, it shows to your customers how professional you are and the standards that you maintain. Your employees also see that you are interested in investing more in the business and so they work more to improve the business. So it is crucial that your business looks attractive, clean, and well maintained. A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference, and our professionals are ready to bring the change.

3. We Match Colors to Your Present Decorations

If there are any furniture and decorations present in the restaurant, then we can match colors with them. Colors in your company logo can be added as paint colors in your exterior and interior to elevate your logo. If you are looking for something more exotic, then we have more options like stripes, patterns, and other effects.

4. Get the Work Done When There is no one Around

We understand the importance of a day in any business, so we would not like to interrupt your daily routine work. Disruption for business can lead to loss of revenue, and we would not let that happen to you. We are happy to work after your business hours. We schedule our works in the evening or on the weekends. This will minimize interruptions.

5. Renovation is Expensive

Renovation of commercial space takes a lot of time and also expensive. If your restaurant is looking for a rundown, then do not go for repair, painting can be a great option to renovate your space in little time. Forget about the expensive renovations, start with a professional painting project to bring a new look and save several thousands of dollars.

6. Getting the Job Done Right

When it comes to painting a restaurant, there are several factors like the type of paint used and how they are applied, which alter the look of your interior and exterior.


Whether it is a simple painting job in your restaurant or a complete renovation, our professionals at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always ready to take and complete your project on time with their experience. Contact or Call us at (416)-410-0164 to add value to your business and take it to the next level with our paint.

Reasons to Repaint Your Commercial Property in Toronto - Executive Touch Painters

Good Reasons to Repaint Your Commercial Property in Toronto

Thinking about repainting your commercial space, but not sure if the returns are worth it? If it has been a while that your space is painted, it is worth calculating the cost. In most of the cases, painting your commercial property can always improve your business, and you can be successful.

Best Reasons to Repaint Commercial Property in Toronto:

1. Brings Positive Mood in Work Environment

A pleasant environment has a positive impact on the work of the employees. The refreshing paint in the office will create a feeling in the employee’s mind that they have cared. This increases the retention of the employee, and also the walls are protected from moisture and mold for the coming few years.

2. Creates a Positive Impression on Your Customer or Clientele

Every business tries to make the first impression of the client to be the best one. Painting is not expensive but will give you a significant advantage. Whenever a client enters your premises, they look over your office environment. Hence the appearance of exterior and interiors of the office will be an added advantage for attracting new clients.

3. Corporate Changes

If you would like to take your business in a different direction, then it requires some corporates changes to be made. At this point, repainting your interior and exterior walls is the first thing to reinvent your business and face the challenges ahead.

4. Added Value

The appearance of the building reflects it’s value. Repainting your commercial space is the best option to increase the building’s worth with the least expenses. The appearance of any commercial space is essential if clients visit your business regularly. If your building fails to create a good impression, then even the best salesperson or employee can lose the sales lead.

5. Makes Your Business Look Out

Repainting your space gives an option to rebuild or promote your brand in the coming future. If you have recently started rebranding, then you need to repaint your space according to the colors in the brand. Consistency between the colors of the logo and interior and exterior is significant. Even if you are not able to control the exterior, the interior can be painted according to your brand colors.

6. Professional Painters Can Make Necessary Changes

Majority of professional painters are trained in the construction field, so they know how to handle important repairs like filling holes, cracks, ceiling plaster, replacing moldings. If the painters are not able to repair the walls, then they would be able to refer the other professionals who can do the work.

7. Protection to the Property

Paint also serves to protect the walls and interiors of your building. The wooden components of the office are safe when applied with the correct color or varnish. Exterior paint also helps in preventing harmful elements from penetrating your building. A protective layer is formed by paint on the walls to protect from the harsh climatic elements like sun, rain, snow, and UV rays.


Now that you are aware of the reasons to repaint your commercial property, It’s time to hire a professional painting contractor like Executive Touch Painters and Home Renovations Ltd in Toronto. An expert can guide you on the quality and type of paint to choose for the exterior and interior surfaces matching your brand. So, Contact or call us at (416) 410-0164 to get free guidance and estimation for your next commercial painting project.


Tips for Choosing Professional Painters in Toronto

Decorating your space can be a difficult task to do it yourself. Even if the project can be seen as a DIY, the expertise of an experienced person can be not a match when it comes to handling complicated and large scale endeavors. You can always rely on those professional painters who deliver the promise made to you about the completion of the project.

How Can You Find the Best Painting Professional in Toronto?

Read on this article to know more about the tips to choose the most reliable painter in Toronto to complete your project.

1. Look for well-established Painting Contractor

A well-established painting contractor has wide experience and diversified portfolio. Numerous testimonials give an impressive track record of the work done and attesting the professionalism in executing the work. The companies also have enough staff and experts, who can complete the work in the time frame. The easiest way to get the best among the painting companies, take reviews from the neighbors who have already have good experience with the painters. Check for online reviews before consulting the contractor.

2. Lookup for the Licenses and Certifications

Licensed contractors always ensure to give the best and follow the standards. In Toronto, all the contractors need to have a license and register through the secretary of the state. You can check on the department of business and regulation website to know about the permits of the Toronto Painter you are trying to reach for repainting your house.

3. Get Clear and Comprehensive Quotes

The quote from the contractor should be transparent and comprehensive. The nature of work, use of materials should be understandable. Be clear on what work will be done, what products will be used, and recommended steps to complete the job.

4. Be Sure that the Company Provides Insurance

The most important thing that is mostly overlooked is insurance. Even the most experienced painter cannot avoid accidents. So to prevent the damages or painter falling from ladder occurring in your property is ultimately your responsibility. The correct and adequate amount of insurance can rescue you in tough times.

5. Ask Questions to Clarify Your Doubts

After you have picked some of the contractors, you must meet them in person to have a detailed discussion. Here you have the chance to ask the right questions. The questions could be related to the bids, the insurance provided, and what are the products used for the project. During the discussion, you can get about the level of professionalism in the contractor.

6. Analyze the Approach to your project

Whenever a contractor comes to take up a project, do not hesitate to ask about the appropriate steps that are taken to complete the project in time. A contractor who is a professional will be able to explain all the steps with time schedules. If there is no sufficient information provided, then you can understand that the project will most probably fail.

7. Walk with the Contractors around Premises

It is a good idea to have a look at the areas that need to paint along with the contractor. Show the specific areas that should have special attention. Discuss the situation and let the painter decide on what work should be completed first.

8. Get Estimates

The quality of the products is essential, and the price is also crucial. To get the best quotes, make sure that all the contractors follow the same criteria, preparation and repair works, cleaning, etc. The time framework is also essential and ask the contractors to add the estimated time to complete your project.


If you are looking for the best Toronto painters to produce top-notch results, then contact Executive Touch Painters. We are having a team of professionally trained and experienced painters having experience in exterior, interior, commercial, and residential painting.

Take the help of our painters who can comply with the comprehensive set of requirements to complete your project in time and meet your quality and expectations. Contact us for more details. Call us today at (416) 410-0164 to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

Frequently asked questions on commercial painting - Executive Touch Painters

FAQ’s on Commercial Painting

Painting a commercial space is entirely different from a residential area painting. While
some homeowners try their home painted on their own, most of them prefer to hire a
local painting team to get the desired results. But a DIY painting job is not recommended because a simple mess up can cost some serious dollars and physical or material damage. Whereas, in the case of painting a commercial area, it is mandatory to hire some professional painters to bring new life and value to your business.

Our expert team at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto compiled a list of frequently asked questions obtained from different business owners. Below you can find the
relevant answers to the questions if you have any further queries feel free to Contact

List of FAQ’s

What is Commercial Painting?

When there is a business with a physical location and needs paintwork to be done, then the professional carrying out the work is called as the commercial painter, and the process is called Commercial Painting. Larger space, then many painters are required,
and they have to take care of all the aesthetics of the company to create a good impression on the client visiting the company premises. As time is a significant factor,
more painters are also used to complete the project in stipulated time. Commercial painting task is a little bit tough and risky as the whole business affects the look of the building.

How Does Commercial and Industrial Painting Differ?

Commercial and Industrial painting involves painting a building used for commercial or
business purposes, but both the process are done with different goals in mind.

  • Commercial painting involves painting of building where clients or customers are present. But in the case of industrial painting, paint is done for machines or
    a building that needs to withstand the harsh conditions of the manufacturing
  • Commercial painting jobs are conducted using latex-paints, as the latex paint dries out quickly and the building can be used for your business. For industrial painting, the buildings are not used by most of the public but need to withstand the harsh machine conditions. So oil-based paints are used, as they tend to be
    more durable and last longer.
  • Commercial Painting offers painting for the building interior and exteriors.
    Industrial painting offers painting for machinery, boats, aircraft, and structures
    such as bridges.

What are the different types of Commercial Painting Services?

  • Warehouse Ceiling Painting
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Corporate Office Painting
  • Parking Garage Painting and Flooring
  • Painting and Flooring for Retail Spaces
  • Painting and Flooring for Schools and Universities
  • Painting and Flooring Services for Country Clubs and Golf Courses
  • Painting and Floor Coatings for Places of Worship
  • Painting for Health Care Services
  • Painting and Floor Coating for Commercial Properties

Best Commercial Painting Contractor of Canada

For the last 30 years, Executive Touch Painters has been building up its reputation and
has become the leading service provider for commercial and interior painting. Our team is specialized in transforming residential and commercial projects into ones that
make your guests or customers jazzed up the moment they notice the property from
the outside. Our team will always be ready to decorate the way you like. To discuss
your commercial or residential painting projects get in touch with us today. You can also call us at 416-410-0164 to book a free estimate.

Commercial Painting Tips - Executive Touch Painters

4 Helpful Commercial Painting Tips You Need to Know

One of the keen-witted parts of improving your business is to get a perfect look for your commercial building. If the building look is maintained well, it helps in attracting more customers to the business. So, What you need to do? It’s damn simple! You need to paint your commercial property taking the right steps to enhance the look of your building and your business. Our commercial painting tips in this article will help you make your industrial painting project a success.

Why is it Essential to Paint a Commercial Building?

1. First Impression is the Best Impression

Nobody likes to enter into an office which is filled with dirt and looks very shabby. A customer often judges the capacity of the company by looking at the office premises. If your office looks ugly, there are many chances that you might lose the potential customer. So it is essential to take care of your commercial property and keep it neat and clean all-round the year.

2. A Clean Environment Creates Trust

Think like a customer, “If he cannot take care of his office, how can we believe that he can take care of us.” So whether you are a store selling products or a restaurant serving food or an agency providing services to clients, a clean environment creates trust, safety, and security for everyone involved in your business.

3. Act Early, Save More

When there are small peels or patches on the walls, do not neglect them or you have to spend more dollars if the damage increases. So as the saying goes “A Stich in Time Saves Nine,” act early to repair the peeling paint and other damages.

Tips for Painting Commercial Properties :

#Tip 1. Pick a Paint Pro

So, why choose a professional commercial painter?

For a layperson, painting is just taking some paint and roller brush and get the job done. But there are various ways that professionals follow to give a perfect painting touch on your interior and exterior commercial walls.

An experienced contractor follows the below steps in painting.

  • Prepare
  • Prime
  • Paint


Before starting the painting process, the floors and fixtures need to be prepared for the paint job.

  • Covering the floor edges with tape avoids the paint to bleed.
  • Laying drop clothes absorbs the paint easily from the surfaces.
  • Applying tape to the fixtures avoids paint stains.

A professional painting company like Executive Touch will prepare your property before initiating the painting work.


  • Priming is a process conducted to create a bond between the paint and the wall.
  • Sanding: Sanding is done to smoothen the hard surfaces. This also helps to apply the paint smoothly.
  • Check Dents and Cracks: If there are gaps or cracks, they need to get filled with the painter putty.


Make your painting project a success. A professional paint contractor follows a dedicated painting process using the right tools and techniques to get the job done on time with better results.

#Tip 2. Create Your Painting Plan

Interruption of business hours can lead to negative results. So you need to have a detailed plan for the painting project. You should provide all the details regarding the occupancy of the building. Small properties like doctor’s office, stores, restaurants can be completed on weekends or during the summer breaks. Hotels get closed on non-seasonal days, so these can be completed at that time. Weather conditions should also be considered while painting the exteriors.

#Tip 3. Choose the Right Materials for the Painting Project

The materials selected for the job have a direct impact on the cost and timeline of the project. Top quality materials have better finishes and dry quickly. Also, paint failure is minimal. Quality of the materials also reduces maintenance and repair costs. The high-quality paint also forms an excellent base coat for all your future paint jobs.

#Tip 4. Conduct a Final Work Through

You and your commercial painter must review each area of your commercial painting project. Mark them if there are any changes needed. Clear all your doubts and obtain the project completion documents. Know the maintenance activities to be done in the future.


A well-planned painting schedule, material selection combined with highly professional commercial painting contractors, can yield better results. Hope the above tips will help. If you are looking for a painting crew that can complete your painting project according to your views and ideas contact Executive Touch Painters in Toronto today to get the work done on your budget and time. Call us at (416) 410 – 0164 to get a Free Estimate Now!

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings in Toronto - ET Painters

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings in Toronto?

The look of Commercial buildings is very crucial for any business to get noticed. Customers are likely to get attracted to the store that has good looking exteriors. The right combination of colors for your building will help the company to look separate from competitors and will give a clear indication to the customers that you are innovative.

Critical Points for Choosing Exterior Painting for your Commercial Building in Toronto.

1. Bold:

Most of the commercial buildings have bold colors on the exteriors. Bold colors indicate an invitation to the customers or clients. Bright and bold colors create a sense of interest in the minds of the customers as they enter the building. The impression can further be continued by having the same color combination as the interiors.

2. Create Motion with the Colors:

Wherever possible, try to create motion with the colors you chose to paint the exteriors, especially when you are trying to attract new customers to your company. You can select different warm colors like oranges, reds, and yellows to create patterns, or you can use single bright colors to create an interest for the customers.

3. Modern Techniques:

Whenever you have the option of adding motion to colors, use advanced methods of painting the building. Use of modern techniques can create more elegance to your structure. The commercial painting work has to carry out according to the architecture.

4. Quality of the Paint and Contractors :

Never compromise on the quality of paint that you use. Good quality paint helps your building to be nice and beautiful. There are Professionals available to do the exterior paint works. Make sure that you hire a professional painting contractor to do the painting work for the exteriors.

5. Pick Colors from your Surroundings:

You have the choice of picking the colors from your surroundings itself. If there are commercial buildings around you, then watch out for the color pattern they are following. If you want to blend yourself into the surroundings, then you can choose the same colors, but if you like to stand out from others, then select different colors from your surroundings.

6. Use colors as in the Logo:

Consider using common colors to your building. Public and customers recognize a company by the logo. So if you have the same colors on the building as your logo has, then there is more chance that your company is recognized easily.

7. Use Colors that Evoke Feelings:

Smooth and soothing colors evoke a particular impression on the minds of the customers and have a pleasant atmosphere when they enter your company premises. The same colors in your interiors also have a positive impact on the minds of your workers.

8. Colors Based on Building Materials and Architecture:

The exterior of the building also needs to be considered before selecting the paint. If your exterior is made of stucco, then the colors should be chosen base on the stucco. The colors also have to change when the surface made of wood.

Read this article to know why it is crucial to hire a contractor for painting commercial buildings.


Commercial building is the place where you meet your customers and clients. The colors used for your premises should be able to create a strong bond with your customers and clients.

After choosing the right colors, you should hire the best commercial painters in Toronto that specialized in exterior and interior, industrial painting.

Our professionals at Executive Touch Painters are highly skilled, fully licensed and insured that are behind every beautiful building in Toronto. If you want to bring the look you want and on-time Contact or Call us Now at (416)-410-0164 for a Free Estimate.

Differences between Residential and Commercial Painting - ET Painters

Differences between Residential and Commercial Painting

Most of the people think residential and commercial painting work is the same. But there are lots of distinctions between them. Residential painters provide personal home painting services, whereas the commercial painters step in when the task is too big for the residential painters. Know the main differences between residential and commercial painting and painters.

What is Commercial Painting?

Not only the painting of industrial buildings and offices, multi-family residences and apartments also come under Commercial Painting. The painters are equipped with more tools and required to paint large areas at a time.

What is Residential Painting?

Residential painting is just used for the painting of exteriors and interiors of a simple house. Residential painters are experienced in conducting painting work for small houses and know all color combination that will be best for your house.

Commercial Painting vs. Residential Painting

Based on the following factors the type of painting contractor can be chosen for your property.

Number of Painters:

In Commercial Painting large works are conducted compared to residential painting. So it requires more workforce for this kind of projects. The commercial painters mostly work in big apartments, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. Commercial painting companies employ more people so that the work can be completed at the scheduled time.

A Residential Painting Company is confined to paint only small houses. So there is no need to have many employees. In some cases, the whole house need not be painted, so only a few residential painters are sent to complete the small work.

The quantity of Paint:

When compared to residential painting, the amount of paint to be used is very high for commercial painting. As more paint is used, the time taken for completion of the work is also more. Whereas in home painting, the paint needed is very less and the work is also completed in very less time.


A Commercial painter is more experienced than a residential painter. Even a homeowner can do the painting of his house, but it is not the case in commercial painting. For commercial buildings, the look is essential, and only an experience commercial painter can bring the look.

Residential Painters are well experienced in talking with the homeowners and know exactly what type of work or paint is required. The painters are also experienced to protect your furniture and flooring while the painting work is carried out.

Time Scheduling:

Commercial painting is done according to the schedule of business owners. Some commercial building owners appreciate the painters for not interfering with the working hours. Most of the industrial painting work is scheduled after the working hours and even night shifts are done to complete the job. But in the case of residential painting, the painters typically work from Monday to Friday and do not work on weekends, even if the work is pending.

Range Of Services :

A company offering only residential painting, will not have many services to offer. But Commercial Painting companies have other services like flooring installation, faux finishing, electrostatic painting services, and sandblasting.


Whether it is a simple painting job for your home or a large scale painting project for your business, you need a professional painting contractor in Toronto. Because these companies will have the right tools, machinery, and workforce to handle any size of a job. Executive Touch Painters offers expert residential and commercial painting services in Toronto since 1989. Contact or Call us at (416) 410-0164 for a Free Painting Estimate or to know more details.

Toronto Businesses Choose Professional Commercial Painting Contractors

3 Reasons Toronto Businesses Choose Professional Commercial Painting Contractors

In Toronto, spring is the ideal time to complete a painting project. Whether you run a restaurant, office, retail store, hotel or any other type of business, giving your company a new look will make a massive difference between people stepping in and people driving on by.

When taking on a large scale commercial painting project, there are many considerations to be taken into account. One of them is choosing the right commercial painting contractor in Toronto.

Top Reasons to Chose Commercial Contractor

1. Appealing and Long-Lasting Results

For any commercial building, the painting should be long lasting and should be attractive. Any commercial exterior painting company can do large scale painting works. But choose the company whose work is long lasting with the perfect results. Painting your commercial building at regular intervals will keep your business look tidy and also ahead of your competitors. Commercial Painting Toronto companies know what measures to be implemented to meet your precise specifications and deliver superior results concerning aesthetics, durability, and performance of the coating systems, on budget and on time.

2. Use of Latest Techniques in Painting

Painting industry is changed day by day. Many new techniques have come in commercial interior and exterior painting. Professional commercial painting contractors should be able to use the latest techniques for industrial painting. Ignoring the latest methods of preparing surfaces for the application of paint or opting for the wrong ones could result in adhesion problems between the substrate and the new paint film. This will eventually cause the coating system to fail prematurely.

On the other hand, the key to ensuring maximum coating performance on commercial spaces is following adequate surface preparation and paint application procedures. By hiring a commercial exterior painting company for your Toronto Business, you can provide proper surface preparation and correct paint application techniques. Besides that, a paint job involves safely removing lead on surfaces and other harmful substances. These jobs are done correctly by commercial exterior painting contractors.

3. Extensive project planning and execution

Not only typical painting, but a commercial painting company should also be well versed in the planning and execution of the commercial painting project. The best thing about hiring commercial building painters is that they have proper planning and execution techniques. They will address every small aspect of all the procedures, planning, project details, budget and execution with you.

Professional Commercial Painting Contractors can help you in


Commercial Painting projects involve a lot of experience, planning, dedication and execution blended with professionalism to get the perfect results.

For more than 25 years, Executive Touch Painters has been a Toronto’s commercial painting contractor of choice because of its uncompromising quality of work and professionalism. So, Contact or Call us at (416)-410-0164 to Get a Free Estimate now and add color to your business in Toronto.

How to choose the Right Colour Palette for Your Business Interior

How to choose the Right Colour Palette for Your Business Interior

Choosing the correct color pattern for your business Interior is a tough job. The color chosen needs to be subtle and elegant at the same time for the office environment. To keep the shade of the office perfect, you need to keep some of these critical factors in mind. The color palette you pick reflects the mood and efficiency of the workers in the office. A perfect shade in the workstation will bring a lot of positive energy into the working environment. Countless books wrote about how to boost your work productivity, but all you may have just needed a paintbrush, showing the importance of color in your office.

Office color not only affects the work of your staff but also the effects the clients visiting your office. A client evaluates your business by the look of your workstation and its color appearance. So it is essential to present yourself in right colors both for your staff and clients.

Paint or Color Schemes for Your Office


One of the most commonly used colors in the office is Blue. Blue Color has a lot of positive energy in it, and it also has a unique style for itself. So to bring style to the office blue color is a perfect choice. The color blue symbolizes confidence, security, honesty, loyalty, and conservatism. Blue often associates with depth and stability; it communicates a genuine and reliable outlook while boosting relaxation and intellectual thoughts in the staff.


Green also the most used color in offices. The green color connects to wealth and growth, and it also offers you a calm and very confident environment on the workstation. The darker shade of the green color represents prestige and also reflects a more controlled, responsible and confident atmosphere and represents balance and growth. A color which reconnects us to our natural surroundings. The best way to introduce green into your office space is via green walls and potted plants.


Represents purity and cleanliness; a safe bet, but sometimes safe can equate to being dull and uninspiring. White is best to be used in the break out areas of the office and remember to give a nice and glossy finish. But keep it to a minimum.


Purple refers to royalty, ambition, and luxury. But at times it could be artificial due to its non-appearance in nature. So blend it with other colors to make it look fabulous and luxurious.


Red has the capability of invoking passion and raise the mental energy flow in staff. It also apparently enhances metabolism, increases respiration rate. But an overdose of red can be overpowering and leads to adverse effects.


Yellow is said to be the best color for areas of teamwork, as its bright tone can raise positivity and happiness in the staff. Yellow stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy, but it also apparently reminds people of food funnily enough.


Orange is the most acceptable color among the youth. It represents happiness, success, and determination. Orange is highly visible color and quickly grabs attention. Use this color to highlight the essential element in your office.

Not only these colors many colors can be used for your office space. So now you know the importance of colors in your office. Paint the perfect color for your office and see the magic. Use the perfect blend of colors to create an ideal workstation for your staff.

Contact our Toronto Painters for converting your office into an inspiring and exciting environment to work. Or Call us now at (416)-410-0164 for a free quote.