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Find the best painting & color ideas for your interior & exterior properties. Latest trends & color combinations for your living room, bedroom, kitchen & bathroom.

Colours to Paint Brick Fireplace - Executive Touch Painters

Colours to Paint Brick Fireplace

The brick fireplace is one of the cozy places in any home. But if the hearth in your abode doesn’t reflect your taste or blend with your preferred decor, it can feel more like an eyesore than a desirable architectural feature. With little creative thinking, you could do wonders with the fireplace in your house.

Deciding On Colour

Before you decide on the colour, you need to ask yourself, should the fireplace stand out or blend with the room? The paint colour decides how your fireplace becomes the focal point of your house. Here are some of the points to take care of.

1. Keep the Colours Neutral

To give a neutral look, use shades of white. Natural look can be got by using Tan, beige, cream, and light gray. Soft shades of gray and black go well will contemporary style rooms. Painting with light neutral colours can create a real brick look and blend with any decor.

2. Create a Contrast

When the colour of the wall is light, you could create an exciting contrast by using a dark colour for the fireplace’s bricks. Create contrast by using different shades of mantel.

3. Monochromatic

It would look odd if the colour of the walls is different from the colours of the fireplace’s bricks. For the fireplace to blend completely with the walls of your room, you need to use the same paint colour for both fireplace and walls. Soft and light paint shades create calmness in your room and make fireplace as the focal point.

Some Paint Colour Examples That Might Inspire You

1. Fresh Mint

Fresh Mint - Executive Touch Painters White bricks painted with mint add a splash of colour to your fireplace. Matching coloured tiles would be more attractive.

2. Rustic Glam

Rustic Glam - Executive Touch Painters A rough wood mantel gives the fireplace a rustic feel. Metallic candle holders enhance the mantel, balancing the rusticity with a glamorous touch.

3. Charcoal Texture

Charcoal Texture - Executive Touch Painters The charcoal textured fireplace serves as a contrast to the white tiles of the fireplace. A rough-hewn mantel brings attention to the natural texture of the painted bricks.

4. Blue Brick Fireplace

Blue Brick Fireplace - Executive Touch Painters Paint the red brick with a deep shade of matte blue. To make the paint look more beautiful, add one part of blue paint with one part of white paint and four parts of water. When the first coat of paint dries, apply a colour wash and then quickly wipe it off with a clean, dry towel.

5. Refreshing with New Mantel

Refreshing with New Mantel - Executive Touch Painters You don’t have to paint your fireplace to brighten things in your house. If your fireplace is traditional, you can paint the bricks with mantel colours.

6. Painting the Bricks Black

Painting the Bricks Black - Executive Touch Painters Black colour has the magic to transform your fireplace into a showstopping feature. To make the most of the living room’s dramatic high ceilings, the mantel is topped off with a ginormous gold framed mirror.

7. Black and White mix

Black and White Mix - Executive Touch Painters When your room has bulky furniture with baroque style, you can create a contrast with black and white colours.

8. Blue Black CombinationBlue Black Combination - Executive Touch Painters

A fireplace in a moody living room can be changed with the help of a navy blue colour. Adding black colour can brighten the contrast of bricks.

9. Scandinavian Family Fire Place

Scandinavian Family Fire Place - Executive Touch Painters Scandinavian homes have beautiful colours with fireplaces decorated with beautiful wooden features. To make the fireplace more attractive, use unique colours for painting.

10. Antique Brick Finish

Antique Brick Finish - Executive Touch Painters

By carefully applying gray colour immediately followed by ebony, the stain can create an antique finish to the bricks of your fireplace. Do not paint the mortar as the graphic element of the brick might be lost.

11. Fireplace in Vintage Room

Fireplace in Vintage Room - Executive Touch Painters

After cleaning off the popcorn ceilings, the bricks of the fireplace can be painted with gray colour to update the vintage living room.

12. Dramatic Dark Colours

Dramatic Dark Colors - Executive Touch Painters

Dark colours can be used to paint the fireplace’s bricks when the room gets a lot of natural sunlight. To make the room cozier, pair the gray painted walls with modern and colourful furniture.

13. Whitewashing the Fireplace

White Washing the Fireplace - Executive Touch Painters

When the room is filled with blue and black colours, then you need to use a neutral colour to your fireplace. Most interior designers use the technique of whitewashing the bricks so that the colours used for the room are reflected.


The above painting colour ideas create a unique look for bricks of your fireplace. An updated fireplace improves the look of your living room. The fireplace is the focal point of your house and needs to be decorated and painted regularly. So, what about your fireplace? What colour would you like to paint it? Painted fireplaces look attractive and add potential to your house. Contact Executive Touch Painters if you need a professional painter for painting your brick fireplace. Call us at 416-410-0164 for a free estimate.

Toronto's Best Home Office Paint Colors in 2020 - Executive Touch Painters

Toronto’s Best Home Office Paint Colors in 2020

What Color Should I Paint My Home Office in Toronto?

The right paint on your home office has a positive impact on your productivity and also an easy way to refresh an outdated space. Some paint colours are believed to have positive psychological effects. Many studies suggest that certain shades of paint have the power to stimulate your brain, and some can bring down your stress levels. Your workspace is all about productivity, and you need to choose paints that help to keep your energy focused and also have a calming effect.

For this reason, it is essential to pick the right colour for your home office. A home office is a place that you spend most of the time, and you must choose colours that make you happy. Soothing colours like green and blue evoke a calm feeling, while light colours create an atmosphere free from distractions. Read on to know about the best paint colours for increasing home office productivity.

Some Home Office Paint Ideas

1. Black

Black - Executive Touch Painters

Black may not come to mind while thinking of office home paint. But a vibrant black colour casts a moody tone for your office. The moody tone helps you to shut down from the outside environment and concentrate on your work. Neutral black colour can go with any colour palette and is also an excellent choice for the modern and artsy space of your office home.

2. Yellow Color

Yellow - Executive Touch Painters

Yellow colour sets a happy and positive tone in any workspace. Stimulating yellow paint inspires you in the office and brightens up your workspace. Yellow colour infuses positive energy into your room and enhances your creativity.

3. Green Color

Green - Executive Touch Painters

Green is calming and boosts your energy and makes the place playful. This energetic colour helps in achieving your deadlines in projects. The green colour keeps your accents neutral and makes your office home to stay uncluttered. The green colour is also earthly bold and choice for most persons having boss aspirations.

4. Peachy Pink and Corals

Peachy Pinks and Corals - Executive Touch Painters

Experts suggest that shades of pink are more than just pretty and also the best paint colour for the home office. Warmer hues like peach and soft corals are known to help improve focus, boost consistency and creativity, which is perfect for a home office area. A soft pink hue like Pop can provide an inspiring atmosphere for a home office setting.

5. Brown Color

Brown - Executive Touch Painters

Most people think that brown is annoying, but it is considered one of the good paint colours for the home office. Experts say that brown painted office can help you stay calm and focused while you work. Mid-brown tones are calming and can focus the mind on the essential tasks at hand.

6. Navy Blue

Navy Blue - Executive Touch Painters

Navy blue is versatile, refreshing, and creates a meditative atmosphere for maximum productiveness. Blue helps you to be a little more creative. This shade has a bold blue that is enough to feel regal and vital in your office.

7. Warm White

Warm White - Executive Touch Painters

A little warm white paint helps you stay focused in your home office. When you want the limited visual distraction and clean space, try a warm white colour. The colour brings a hint of warmth to a room and works exceptionally well if your home office is north facing.

8. Teal Color

Teal - Executive Touch Painters

Teal is an actual colour that adds energy to your space. This exceptional colour is relaxing and is simultaneously motivating and inspiring.

9. Purple

Purple - Executive Touch Painters

One of the favourite choices for office home is a purple colour. Purple is reminiscent of a freshly picked berry and lends a soothing, yet-confident, tone to your space. Purple colour not only gives you energy but also helps you to be calm.

10. Blue Gray

Blue Gray - Executive Touch Painters

Blue-gray is one of the most popular home office paint colours. A soft blueish gray colour is a daily reminder to breathe and focus on your work and pairs beautifully with stark white or darker navy shades.


Picking the best colours to paint the home office could be tricky and confusing. With little inspiration, you can create a great workspace that motivates you to be energetic throughout the workday. Not sure of what colour to paint the home office? Contact our professionals at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto for FREE Color Consultation on home office paint schemes. Call us at (416) 410-0164

2020 Painting Color Trends - Executive Touch Painters

2020 Painting Color Trends

If it has been many years since your house is painted, then a fresh coating would be an inexpensive way of changing the look of your home. There are many trends followed in painting houses, and each year a new trend is observed. Modernize your space with the latest paint colour trends 2020 if you intend to sell the house.

Current Paint Color Trends 2020

1. Green Color

Green colour brings nature back to your house. In this technological life where people are busy in their lives, using green colour helps them to rejuvenate and bring back nature. There is a wide range of green shades that are used in the present era.

  • Mint Green: perfect for small spaces, bathrooms, etc. Mixes well with white colour
  • Moss Green: Suitable for bedrooms as the calming atmosphere is created
  • Sage Green: Introduces energy into any interior space

2. Soft Earth Tones

Want to create a warm environment for your house, then paint with neutral colours. Below trending paint colours are safe for the year 2020

  • Hazelnut Brown: is a colour that can be used for any room
  • Mushroom grey: This is a warm and soft shade colour that looks beautiful for hallways, kitchens, and living spaces.
  • Cider Brown: Use this colour to bring autumn to your home. Bathrooms, bedrooms, and entryways look beautiful in this colour.

3. Shades of Blue

Blue is the next colour opted by most of the home decorators. Here are some of the shades that are the most popular

Navy Blue - ET Painters

  • Blue-grey: Color of clouds that creates a soothing and serene atmosphere for the rooms. This colour is ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Icy-blue: This soft and light colour is perfect for brightening small spaces
  • Navy-Blue: Suitable colour for large rooms having vaulted ceilings

Bright and Colorful Culinary Inspired Hues

Earthly tones are not out of trend at any time. But if you want to use bright and bold colours anywhere in your home, then the kitchen is the perfect place to experiment with these trending paint colours.

Turmeric Orange - ET PaintersMustard Yellow - ET PaintersCayenne Red - ET Painters

  • Turmeric Orange: This lavish and exotic colour is perfect for sunrooms and outdoor spaces
  • Cayenne Red: Can be a beautiful showstopper for any place. Famous for kitchen, dining, and front rooms.
  • Mustard Yellow: Is an energetic and optimistic colour that is an excellent colour for the exteriors. The colour is a suitable accent colour, in-home office.

Implementing 2020 Paint Color Trends

There is no need to paint your whole house with the above mentioned popular colours for 2020. Enjoy the benefits that these colours offer by just implementing them in small doses.

Here are some of the ideas

  • Use these colours to paint your accent wall of a living room or bedroom
  • Paint the guest room with the famous 2020 colour trends
  • Paint the front door with a new colour and upgrade the kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat
  • Revitalize old furniture with new colours
  • A fresh coat of painting for window trim and garage doors.


Paint colour trends change from time to time, and you should learn to update your house with trending colours. If home painting is in your mind, then never hesitate to contact Executive Touch Painters in Toronto for a free estimate. We provide interior, exterior, and commercial painting services in Toronto and the GTA. Call us at 416-410-0164 to fix an appointment.

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Interior - Executive Touch Painters

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

Painting is a simple and easy way to make a significant impact on the look of your house. A right picked a color for interior painting will refresh the inside look of your home. You can also revitalize and freshen up the look of any room in the house, with a fresh coat of interior paint.

Get Inspired from the Paint Color

You can find inspiration from different shades of colors used for various rooms in the home. Some finishes have the quality of easy cleaning and better durability so that the paint looks colorful for the years to come.

Selecting the Perfect Sheen

There are various sheens available based on the room. Each room can have different sheens available to make your rooms beautiful and colorful.

  • Flat or Matte: Provides low lust appearance and is best for living rooms, bedrooms, and ceilings.
  • Egg Shell: Gives soft and velvety appearance and is suitable for children bedrooms, family rooms, and halls.
  • Satin: Choose satin if you want pearl-like finish. This Sheen is perfect for kitchen, bath, and laundry rooms.
  • Semi-gloss: is a radian sheen with superior scrubbability and moisture resistant. This shade is perfect for kitchen, bath, windows, and high traffic areas in the house.
  • High Gloss: gives a glass-like finish to the surfaces. It is used for old furniture modifications. This Sheen is perfect for high used surfaces, cabinets, and old furniture.
  • Use Primer: Primer is to be used for all the areas to ensure that the better adhesion of paint to the walls of your interior.

How to Choose Color?

Picking up the right color is not an easy task. Various factors that influence the color selection for a room are lighting, furniture, flooring, and personal taste for colors.

Do ask yourself these questions before actually selecting the color for the interior of your home.

  • What color does your family need?
  • What is the best shade for the house?
  • Should the color be bright or soft or any other shade?
  • What should be the color for the accent wall?

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Interior Space

Getting your painting project done starts with choosing the right paint for your interior space. Here are some of the paint types that you can choose from

1.  Zero or Low VOC Paints

Low and zero VOC paints are the best paints for the interiors. These paints provide the lowest indoor air impact and are also odorless.

2.  Painting for Your Ceiling

The paint for the ceiling is different from the wall paint. The ceiling paints are formulated to reduce the glaze and give an ultra flat finish to the ceilings. Use different sheens to provide a beautiful look.

Conclusion :

Painting the interiors of a house is very important for the house to look beautiful. You need to select the perfect colors for the rooms, depending on the choices of your family members. Our professionals at Executive Touch Painters help you in choosing the colors and also give excellent finishing to your painting projects. For more details, Contact Us at (416) 410-0164.

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings in Toronto - ET Painters

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings in Toronto?

The look of Commercial buildings is very crucial for any business to get noticed. Customers are likely to get attracted to the store that has good looking exteriors. The right combination of colors for your building will help the company to look separate from competitors and will give a clear indication to the customers that you are innovative.

Critical Points for Choosing Exterior Painting for your Commercial Building in Toronto.

1. Bold:

Most of the commercial buildings have bold colors on the exteriors. Bold colors indicate an invitation to the customers or clients. Bright and bold colors create a sense of interest in the minds of the customers as they enter the building. The impression can further be continued by having the same color combination as the interiors.

2. Create Motion with the Colors:

Wherever possible, try to create motion with the colors you chose to paint the exteriors, especially when you are trying to attract new customers to your company. You can select different warm colors like oranges, reds, and yellows to create patterns, or you can use single bright colors to create an interest for the customers.

3. Modern Techniques:

Whenever you have the option of adding motion to colors, use advanced methods of painting the building. Use of modern techniques can create more elegance to your structure. The commercial painting work has to carry out according to the architecture.

4. Quality of the Paint and Contractors :

Never compromise on the quality of paint that you use. Good quality paint helps your building to be nice and beautiful. There are Professionals available to do the exterior paint works. Make sure that you hire a professional painting contractor to do the painting work for the exteriors.

5. Pick Colors from your Surroundings:

You have the choice of picking the colors from your surroundings itself. If there are commercial buildings around you, then watch out for the color pattern they are following. If you want to blend yourself into the surroundings, then you can choose the same colors, but if you like to stand out from others, then select different colors from your surroundings.

6. Use colors as in the Logo:

Consider using common colors to your building. Public and customers recognize a company by the logo. So if you have the same colors on the building as your logo has, then there is more chance that your company is recognized easily.

7. Use Colors that Evoke Feelings:

Smooth and soothing colors evoke a particular impression on the minds of the customers and have a pleasant atmosphere when they enter your company premises. The same colors in your interiors also have a positive impact on the minds of your workers.

8. Colors Based on Building Materials and Architecture:

The exterior of the building also needs to be considered before selecting the paint. If your exterior is made of stucco, then the colors should be chosen base on the stucco. The colors also have to change when the surface made of wood.

Read this article to know why it is crucial to hire a contractor for painting commercial buildings.


Commercial building is the place where you meet your customers and clients. The colors used for your premises should be able to create a strong bond with your customers and clients.

After choosing the right colors, you should hire the best commercial painters in Toronto that specialized in exterior and interior, industrial painting.

Our professionals at Executive Touch Painters are highly skilled, fully licensed and insured that are behind every beautiful building in Toronto. If you want to bring the look you want and on-time Contact or Call us Now at (416)-410-0164 for a Free Estimate.

Bathroom Paint Ideas - ET Painters

Bathroom Paint Ideas

When it comes to decorating a house, all the rooms get equal attention and the rooms are well furnished, but the bathrooms are neglected and frequently forgotten and completed with half-hearted designs. But why? We spend time in the bathrooms and yet the decoration of the bathroom is ignored. All you need to transform the space is a pop of color on the walls.

The bathroom is the place where you get ready to face the world, and it’s also a private place to get recharged. Check these painting ideas for your bathroom. Choose the right color and paint to avoid bathroom paint peeling, cracking or bubbling.

Choosing The Right Colors

Opt for Light Colors

The colors should not alter the light in the bathroom, which might affect your grooming. Strong colors have the most impact, so always go for light creamy colors.

Soothing colors

A master bathroom is a place which lets you seize yourself for some time. Choose soothing paint colors that ease you to relive your stress, anxiety, frustration or more. Master bathroom paint color ideas should be according to the bedroom colors. Choose colors that share either cold or warm undertones of the bedroom.

Vibrant Colors for Small Bathrooms

If the Small bathroom doesn’t have natural light, vibrant color can play with artificial lighting sources to make a strong style statement.

White Color adds Softness

Bathrooms are full of mirrors, tiles and other hard surface materials. So the color should bring a sense of softness to space. White and neutral colors bring a touch of softness to the bathrooms when complementing them with hues.

Some Unique Small Bathroom Paint Ideas

If you want to decorate your powder room a bit different from others? Try these ten vivid colors for your small bathroom painting in Toronto.

Vibrant Teal :

A bright shade of teal color gives a quite strong statement in this modern world of designing. Choose a vibrant color for the walls and if possible pop out fixtures and artworks on the walls.

Black :

Bring a modern look to your bathroom by combining Black with silver accents. Consider adding a silver mosaic tile as the background to make the space shine.

Glimmering Copper :

Metallics are a definite style statement nowadays. So why not incorporate them into the bathrooms also. With glimmering copper, you can add instant elegance to your bathroom. Use mosaic tiles with the color combination of brown and neutral color for the backsplash. Using a floating marble countertop will complement the look of the mosaic tiles.

The Magenta’s :

Try a girly side with a pop of pink. A graphic accent not only adds fun pattern into the design but helps counteract the brightly painted walls.

Powder Blue :

If not interested in vibrant colors, go for light colors like powder blue. Try light blue color in the baby bathroom. A sunny shade of yellow sets perfectly with the space to enhance it further.

Pretty Plum :

Dark purple color adds womanishness and gives a bold look to the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to use different combinations of colors to get a bold look.

Neon Yellow :

Bright yellow stripes give a young vibe to a small bathroom also. Use minimal fixtures and accessories when using yellow lines in the bathroom space.

Deep Cherry Red :

Energize the children bathroom with a deep cherry shade of red and is also an excellent color choice for the kids. Decorate the space above the toilet by creating a colorful gallery wall showcasing the artwork of your child.

Serene Green :

On the lighter side, use the light green shade in the bathroom. Green color when combined with all fixtures in white color, gives a peaceful and rejuvenating space to freshen up.


Orange color adds warmth and comfort to the space of the bathroom.


If you are considering to paint your bathroom with the above colors, Contact or Call our Professionals at Executive Touch Painters on (416) 410-0164 to get a Free Estimate. If you are looking for more bathroom paint ideas, Get in touch with our experts for a Free Color Consultation.

Living Room Paint Ideas to Showcase your Home in Toronto

Living Room Paint Ideas to Showcase your Home

The Living Room in your house reflects your mood. Guests who come to the house also first see the living room. So a modern living room should be kept neat, and special care should be taken while painting it. Want to make your guests surprised? Here are some of the ideas for making your living room unique and also to showcase your vibrant style and personality.

Ideas to Showcase Your Style

1. Small Living Room Ideas

A small living room is given different colors than of the big ones. Colors that can lend energy to living room include yellow, green and grey. Use bolder shades if needed. Try to use warmer shades of colors for the walls and a different shade for the ceiling. By using different shades of walls and ceiling, you can create a contrast between the tones. Also decorate the room with reflective items like glass, mirrors, and metal wall to help space appear larger than it is actually and be careful not to overcrowd with great accessories. By taking up bright colors people will focus on the look of the room instead of the size.

2. Big Living Room Ideas

Coming to a bigger living room, bright and bold shades and neutral paint shades are all feasible options. Choose the wall that will be the primary focus of the room and paint the brick fireplace in bright colors. The walls can take darker shades without making the room feel closed up. Do not go for pale complexions, mainly white. So many people opt for white, but it is not the right choice. White color makes the room to look dull and appear to blend in too much. Decorate the room with Big flower vases, candles, and big art pieces.

3. Colors for Living Room

Most popular paint colors that are used are the earth tones for a living room. Mostly Chocolate brown, green and tan. Yellow can also be chosen to add that extra brightness in the room. Choose any color, but the ultimate goal is to create a cozy living space.

If you want to make your condo room bigger, without even expanding it, choose the sky blue color with white for the walls, mimicking the sky color, helps to develop your space. But if you want a calm atmosphere in the living room, just go for the green color. Studies prove that green color keeps the people quiet.

Don’t want a lot of bright colors in your home? Not fond of striking color schemes? Then a neutral color scheme is perfect for you! Great options include off-white, grey, and light brown. If you want to continue the neutral color throughout your space beyond just the living room walls, add darker versions of the interior paint.

4. Painting the Accent Wall

The most important is the accent wall in the Living Room. Paint should be perfect for the accent wall. Mostly accent walls look best when they are stable i.e., with no doors or windows in it. Before painting an accent wall, make sure there is no competition from the other walls in the room. Choose a focal point on the accent wall and place your favorite painting there for drawing the attention of others. You could even use wallpaper or designs on your accent wall instead of a different color of paint. Make sure that the color of the accent wall compliments the other wall colors.  Always make a good statement with your accent wall.


Now you have some ideas for painting your living room. For more great paint or interior design and decorating ideas.  Call our Toronto Painters at (416)-410-0164 or Contact us online.