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How to Prepare Walls Before Painting - Executive Touch Painters

Why Prepare the Walls or Area before Painting?

Painting your house is an easy and straightforward way to change the complete look of your home. Before painting, you need to prepare the area to be painted. The preparation of the area should be done carefully to avoid the painting job to become a nightmare for you.

How to Prepare The Walls Or Area Before Painting?

For any painting professional, the preparation of walls is more important than choosing the paint colour for the walls and interiors. Any paint cannot adhere to the walls that are poorly prepared before painting. Painting on the walls that are not prepared well can make your room look sloppy.

So How Should The Walls Be Prepared Before Painting? Here Are Some Of The Tips To Follow For Preparing The Walls For Painting.

1. Have Plenty Of Room For Working

Painting walls of a room require some space for moving. Remove all the clutter from the room and remove the furniture to the center of the room or another place. Moving things from the room will make you feel free and also you could stop worrying about spilling the paint on the furniture and other stuff in the room.

2. Scrub All The Walls

Even a superior quality paint cannot adhere to the walls that are full of dirt and dust. First, use a dry cloth to remove all the dust on the walls. Afterward use a wet cloth to remove the dirt on the floorboards, crown mouldings, doorways, and windows. You can start painting after the area becomes dry and free of dust and dirt.

3. Remove The Old Imperfections

Noticed any imperfections like cracks, scratches, holes, or peeling paint? Then fix them before starting the painting. Even small damage can be seen when the new paint is applied. Make sure that all the repair is done before starting the actual job of painting.

4. Applying the Primer

The use of primer in painting job should not be overlooked because, without primer, the paint will not adhere properly to the walls causing premature peeling of the paint. When the drywall is painted for the first time, it is recommended to use a water-based primer to help the colour to adhere to the walls. Walls having smoke stains or panels, then use an oil-based primer. You can use paint along with primer to the walls that already painted.

5. Use Tape To Avoid Stains

When the walls are painted, there is a chance that the paint gets spilled on the surface of the rooms. Taping around the doorways, windows, crown mouldings ensures that you would not have touch up work at the end of the day.


Painting your house is an inexpensive way of creating a new look for your home. Some paint jobs may seem to easy, you may feel that you can do it on your own, but with the help of professionals, you can make the painting job more effective. Want to paint your house, then talk to our professionals at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto and have your home painted without any hassles.

Tips for Painting Your Toronto Apartment Painted Professionally? - Executive Touch Painters

What Should You Know Before Having Your Toronto Apartment Painted Professionally?

Are you planning to convert your rental property into one of the best options in the market? Then you need to hire a Professional Toronto apartment painter to attract more tenants.

Consider some of the below points to give your apartment a fresh look with essential paintwork or something different to set your property look separate from the others.

1. Paint Problems

A property owner gets annoyed when watching bubbles, cracks, or mold stains that happen on the painted surfaces after some weeks of painting. The incorrect execution of painting projects leads to the formation of bubbles and cracks. Unwanted paint problems can occur if the correct paint products are not used. Careful assessment of the climate has to be done before choosing the paint products.

If you hire the right Toronto Painting Professional, then you will not experience this type of problems. A Professional contractor like Executive Touch Painters hire painters who have a lot of experience in handling various commercial, residential, and industrial paintings. Furthermore, the painters are trained to deliver the best services to the customer.

Trained Professional Painters can be able to

  • Properly prepare the surfaces before painting
  • Identify the best weather conditions for painting the exteriors
  • Identify and rectify water leakage problems that could affect the paint durability
  • Recommend the best premium paint that is best for the surfaces
  • Having experience in using exclusive products to prevent future coating failures.

2. Technology

A Professional Toronto Painter has hands-on experience in using the latest technology in painting and gives the best quality and experience to the customers. Technology has become a part of every company, and at executive touch painters we use the latest methods to

  • Provide the latest and advanced coating solutions.
  • Come up with unique color schemes to change the entire look of your apartment space
  • Maximize the safety measures, productivity, performance, and efficiency of every painter during the several phases of painting projects
  • Use real-time information to update plans and information in an organized manner.
  • Offer the correct, fair, consistent, and accurate painting estimates always.

3. Curb Appeal

Whether you have a small or big apartment, image is more important than you think. Some sophisticated color schemes or crown molds mixed up with professional-looking paint job can create interest in the mind of tenants. Creating the first impression is the best one, and high-end aesthetics can make more tenants contact you.


Use of latest technology and pairing it up with experience and expertise has made Executive Touch Painters the best painting company in Toronto. No one equals our services in the industry. Contact our experts to discuss how to convert your rental apartment into a more desirable property in Toronto. Call us at (416) 410-0164 for a Free Estimate Now.


Tips for Choosing Professional Painters in Toronto

Decorating your space can be a difficult task to do it yourself. Even if the project can be seen as a DIY, the expertise of an experienced person can be not a match when it comes to handling complicated and large scale endeavors. You can always rely on those professional painters who deliver the promise made to you about the completion of the project.

How Can You Find the Best Painting Professional in Toronto?

Read on this article to know more about the tips to choose the most reliable painter in Toronto to complete your project.

1. Look for well-established Painting Contractor

A well-established painting contractor has wide experience and diversified portfolio. Numerous testimonials give an impressive track record of the work done and attesting the professionalism in executing the work. The companies also have enough staff and experts, who can complete the work in the time frame. The easiest way to get the best among the painting companies, take reviews from the neighbors who have already have good experience with the painters. Check for online reviews before consulting the contractor.

2. Lookup for the Licenses and Certifications

Licensed contractors always ensure to give the best and follow the standards. In Toronto, all the contractors need to have a license and register through the secretary of the state. You can check on the department of business and regulation website to know about the permits of the Toronto Painter you are trying to reach for repainting your house.

3. Get Clear and Comprehensive Quotes

The quote from the contractor should be transparent and comprehensive. The nature of work, use of materials should be understandable. Be clear on what work will be done, what products will be used, and recommended steps to complete the job.

4. Be Sure that the Company Provides Insurance

The most important thing that is mostly overlooked is insurance. Even the most experienced painter cannot avoid accidents. So to prevent the damages or painter falling from ladder occurring in your property is ultimately your responsibility. The correct and adequate amount of insurance can rescue you in tough times.

5. Ask Questions to Clarify Your Doubts

After you have picked some of the contractors, you must meet them in person to have a detailed discussion. Here you have the chance to ask the right questions. The questions could be related to the bids, the insurance provided, and what are the products used for the project. During the discussion, you can get about the level of professionalism in the contractor.

6. Analyze the Approach to your project

Whenever a contractor comes to take up a project, do not hesitate to ask about the appropriate steps that are taken to complete the project in time. A contractor who is a professional will be able to explain all the steps with time schedules. If there is no sufficient information provided, then you can understand that the project will most probably fail.

7. Walk with the Contractors around Premises

It is a good idea to have a look at the areas that need to paint along with the contractor. Show the specific areas that should have special attention. Discuss the situation and let the painter decide on what work should be completed first.

8. Get Estimates

The quality of the products is essential, and the price is also crucial. To get the best quotes, make sure that all the contractors follow the same criteria, preparation and repair works, cleaning, etc. The time framework is also essential and ask the contractors to add the estimated time to complete your project.


If you are looking for the best Toronto painters to produce top-notch results, then contact Executive Touch Painters. We are having a team of professionally trained and experienced painters having experience in exterior, interior, commercial, and residential painting.

Take the help of our painters who can comply with the comprehensive set of requirements to complete your project in time and meet your quality and expectations. Contact us for more details. Call us today at (416) 410-0164 to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

Differences between Residential and Commercial Painting - ET Painters

Differences between Residential and Commercial Painting

Most of the people think residential and commercial painting work is the same. But there are lots of distinctions between them. Residential painters provide personal home painting services, whereas the commercial painters step in when the task is too big for the residential painters. Know the main differences between residential and commercial painting and painters.

What is Commercial Painting?

Not only the painting of industrial buildings and offices, multi-family residences and apartments also come under Commercial Painting. The painters are equipped with more tools and required to paint large areas at a time.

What is Residential Painting?

Residential painting is just used for the painting of exteriors and interiors of a simple house. Residential painters are experienced in conducting painting work for small houses and know all color combination that will be best for your house.

Commercial Painting vs. Residential Painting

Based on the following factors the type of painting contractor can be chosen for your property.

Number of Painters:

In Commercial Painting large works are conducted compared to residential painting. So it requires more workforce for this kind of projects. The commercial painters mostly work in big apartments, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. Commercial painting companies employ more people so that the work can be completed at the scheduled time.

A Residential Painting Company is confined to paint only small houses. So there is no need to have many employees. In some cases, the whole house need not be painted, so only a few residential painters are sent to complete the small work.

The quantity of Paint:

When compared to residential painting, the amount of paint to be used is very high for commercial painting. As more paint is used, the time taken for completion of the work is also more. Whereas in home painting, the paint needed is very less and the work is also completed in very less time.


A Commercial painter is more experienced than a residential painter. Even a homeowner can do the painting of his house, but it is not the case in commercial painting. For commercial buildings, the look is essential, and only an experience commercial painter can bring the look.

Residential Painters are well experienced in talking with the homeowners and know exactly what type of work or paint is required. The painters are also experienced to protect your furniture and flooring while the painting work is carried out.

Time Scheduling:

Commercial painting is done according to the schedule of business owners. Some commercial building owners appreciate the painters for not interfering with the working hours. Most of the industrial painting work is scheduled after the working hours and even night shifts are done to complete the job. But in the case of residential painting, the painters typically work from Monday to Friday and do not work on weekends, even if the work is pending.

Range Of Services :

A company offering only residential painting, will not have many services to offer. But Commercial Painting companies have other services like flooring installation, faux finishing, electrostatic painting services, and sandblasting.


Whether it is a simple painting job for your home or a large scale painting project for your business, you need a professional painting contractor in Toronto. Because these companies will have the right tools, machinery, and workforce to handle any size of a job. Executive Touch Painters offers expert residential and commercial painting services in Toronto since 1989. Contact or Call us at (416) 410-0164 for a Free Painting Estimate or to know more details.

Oil based Paint or Water based Paint

When and Why Use Oil based Paint Over Water Based Paint?

Painting your house is a project that is taken most seriously by every homeowner. While selecting paints for the home they often get confused about the paint choice to be made. Choosing between Oil based and Water based colors is a big task for the owners. Both types of paint have their advantages and disadvantages.

Water-Based Paints :

Majority of the paints sold or used today are water-based. Latex paints do not use solvents, and the primary carrier of the pigment is water. The paint requires 48 hours to dry and has a minimal odor. Acrylic paints also release fewer VOCs during the drying process.

Advantages of Water-Based Paints

  • Low VOCs
  • Easy cleanup
  • Quick drying
  • Resistant to cracking

Oil-Based Paints :

Unlike water-based paints, oil paints do not dry by evaporation. Drying process completed by oxidation, converting oil into a polymer chain. This layer is long-lasting and resistant to the degenerative effects of water and air.

Advantages of Oil-Based Paints :

  • Attractive Gloss
  • Durable and lasts longer
  • Good Leveling finish is possible

Why Use Oil Based Paints?

There are many advantages of oil-based paintings. They take much time to dry and so give a glossy look to the surfaces. Oil paint forms a hard enamel on the surface and is more resistant to scratches, fingerprints and other stains. We can coat with new oil paints on existing oil-based colors as they quickly adhere to each other. Oil-based paints are most effective on rooms or surfaces that receive more traffic. Painting with oil-based paints looks much better, simple, and beautiful than the surfaces painted by the water-based paints.

When Should You use Oil Based paints?

Oil paint can be used in any situation of painting but needs some extra time to work. In a house, there are some areas where oil-based paints are preferable.

  • Interior and exterior trim
  • Doors
  • Cabinets in the kitchen and other places
  • High moisture rooms in the home like kitchen, bathrooms, etc.
  • Places where you like to have glossy finishing

How to Use Oil Based Paints?

  • Painting with oil paints is different from painting with water-based paints. Follow these tips while going for oil-based painting.
  • Always use high-quality brush recommended for Oil painting only.
  • We cannot use the brushes after painting with oil paint, so try to use disposable ones.
  • While selecting paint, be careful and always take the help of a professional.
  • Go for environmentally friendly paints, like those which emit less VOCs.
  • Make sure you give enough time for the first coating to dry, usually takes from 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • Before the final coating, sand the surfaces, to see the imperfections.


Oil-based paints are more efficient than Water-based paints. Oil paints give a glossy and beautiful finish to the surfaces. Painting with Oil-based is a hard job, but it pays off for the work you have done. Confused about choosing between the paints? Our experts at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always there to help you. Contact or Call us Now! at 416-410-0164 for more assistance.

How to Get Rid of Paint smells and Paint Fumes Quickly

How to Get Rid of Paint Smells and Fumes Quickly

Deciding to get your house painting is a good idea, and you can hire professionals to do the job for you. But like every homeowner, you also need to face many issues when you choose to paint your home, and one of them is the paint odor. Your place looks great after a marvelous work, but you will also need to get rid of the lousy paint smell.

Tips to Get rid of Paint Smells Quickly, Safely and Easily

  • Choose the right interior paint for your home with the help of a professional.
  • Proper ventilation of the rooms is always useful in reducing the smells.
  • Place fans facing an open window, to direct smells outside the rooms.
  • Go for Zero or Low VOC paints.
  • Try to avoid oil paints or alkyd based paints. If necessary use low odor paints.
  • Do not go for painting all the rooms at a time, which can make you more uncomfortable.
  • Keep the doors of other rooms closed when painting one room. Thus not allowing the odor or fumes to spread.
  • Cover the paint containers to reduce the fumes to spread.
  • Be sure to throw away the kitchen ingredients used to reduce the fumes and odor, as they have toxic gases in them.
  • Use natural products to get rid of paint smell safely.

Below are some Household Products to Remove Paint Odors Naturally

Charcoal: Charcoal is the best absorbent of foul smell. Place crushed charcoal in buckets where the paintwork is going on.

Baking Soda: Another good absorbent of bad odors. Place bowls of baking soda in the painted rooms. Keep them overnight for removing the smell entirely.

Onions: Onions may have a pungent smell, but they quickly absorb the toxic paint smell. Cut an onion into two halves and place them on either side of a painted room.

A mixture of Lemon and Water: Just keep a bucket of water and drop slices of lemon in it. Keep the bucket in the room where the painting is going on.

Vinegar: Keep bowls of vinegar in the room which is getting painted. Vinegar keeps the place fresh.

Coffee Beans: Use coffee beans to control the paint smell. Place bowls with coffee beans in painted room. You can reduce the feeling of paint smell in no time.

Vanilla: Place vanilla extract on cotton balls. Place the cotton balls all around the rooms getting painted. The strong smell of vanilla strong enough to eliminate and cover up the suffocating toxic odor of the paints.

Herbs: Herbs like rosemary have strong odors and help in removing the smell of the paints. Place the plants for some days in the rooms.

Camphor and Naphthalene: Camphor and Naphthalene also can be used to avoid sharp smells of the paints.

Paint Fumes

Paint Fumes are Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) that evolve from a painted surface. These fumes cause an immediate effect to eyes and lungs which results in dizziness, headache and can even also affect your brain.

How to Remove Paint Fumes

Light a Candle: Just light a candle in the center of the room and let it burn for few hours in the painted room. The flame will burn the flammable components in the paint solvent and reduce the fumes.

Placing buckets of Water: Water absorbs the solvent vapors in the paint and leaves your room fumes free.

Ensure Proper ventilation: Always be sure that there is proper ventilation in the painted room.


Hope the above simple steps will help you to get rid of paint smells and fumes that are emitted from your painted room. If you are looking to initiate your interior painting with proper care taken for your home and family. Contact our professional painters at Executive Touch to get started. or Call us Now at (416)-410-0164 For a Free Estimate.

Why Should You Hire a Professional House Painter in Toronto?

Why Should You Hire a Professional House Painter?

Painting is a task that can be done by yourself. But the same painting job can be a tough one if not handled correctly, But it is also a job that is incredibly easy to make a mess of literally. So before you decide a great job of doing the painting task for yourself, make sure that is up to the job and do not make a mess.

Reasons to Hire a Professional House Painter

1. Experience of the Painter

Well, an experienced Painter can always judge the correct time and cost involved in a painting project. For guys who have no experience can go wrong in estimation. Professional Toronto painters can correctly judge the work and also help to design complete the project on the given schedule. They only know how to prepare the surface before painting and tackle all the hassles involved in it. In addition to that, they also have preventive measures for protecting flooring, furniture from the coat of paint which cannot be done without a Professional Painter. (Read this article to know about how to hire the right painter for the job)

2. Tools Required

A professional painter carries all the tools with him for the project. We cannot have all the tools with us. Its also waste of money in buying them or taking the equipment for rent. A Home painter has all the tools with him, and he knows where to use them. Surely we cannot use the machine as efficiently as the professional does. So, you do not have to spend extra cash on the arrangement of required tools. They visit the project location with all the necessary tools like ladders, buckets, rollers, brushes, drop sheets, etc.

3. Safety

It is not safe for you to work with the paint chemicals that you never used. You should also use a ladder if necessary for painting the exterior walls, this is dangerous and can bring you serious health problems. A Professional Painter knows how to work with the chemicals and with no effect on his health. If you are going to do it on your own then you have to work with solvents, use the ladders to reach higher points of the building. So, there is an enormous risk and hard work involved, and you might get affected by severe health issues. By hiring a pro, you won’t have to face any of the safety as mentioned above problems. The professionals know exactly how to work with chemicals and how to use the ladder to paint the roof or other sections of the property.

4. Quality and Cost of Products

Only a Professional Painter knows where to get high-quality painting products. Also, the right painter knows the correct amount of color used for a particular job, so here there can be a reduction in cost. By hiring a Professional Home Painter or painting company, you can get the exact estimation of the work to be done to your house.

Need a great painting job for your Home? Hire Our Professional House Painters in Toronto. Call us now at (416)-410-0164 for a free quote.