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Design Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

The bathroom is one of the common and regularly used rooms in the home. Nothing impresses your guests like a sleek and tidy toilet because they could look at it in detail in complete privacy. Bathrooms are regularly used to estimate the rest of the house while determining the property’s value. So, bathroom design is a top priority for many homeowners in Canada.

The 3 Fundamental Areas of Bathroom Design

Whether modernizing bathroom design with new appliances or doing a tear-out and complete bathroom remodeling, homeowners have to remember these three design elements:

  1. Type
  2. Style
  3. Color

What Type of Bathroom Suits You?

Three basic types of a bathroom are a master bath, guest bathroom, and a family bath.

A guest bathroom or powder room is made for the use of visitors. They can be as small as 20 sq. ft. and usually, have only a toilet and vanity. If a shower head is added, more space is needed, then it is called as a three-quarter bath.

A family bathroom needs more space and is commonly placed near to the bedroom of the house. It is used by multiple family members, and usually contains more massive amounts of storage space for toiletries, supplies, linens and more.

A regular family bath could have consisted of at least a tub and shower and one toilet and vanity sink. Family bathrooms used by small children must have proper safety features and be designed for simple modifications as they grow. Fixtures and finishes with highly durable materials such as ceramic tile, have to be low maintenance.

The master bathroom is normally pretty big, with separated areas for specialties such as Jacuzzi tub, sauna, shower, multiple sinks, partitioned toilet, and also a dressing area. A master bathroom usually is only accessible from the master bedroom, serving as a private park for the homeowners.

Master bathrooms normally include custom cabinets, ceramic or exotic stone tile, and upper-end fixtures such as gilded bathroom faucets and inlaid counter-tops.

while determining the bathroom type, remember who will be using that and how frequently. Consider desired features, location, and possibly, a universal bathroom design for handicap convenience.

Choose your Bathroom Style

The second element to look out for bathroom renovation or remodeling is style. The bathroom is one of the common lived-in areas of the house that must reflect the overall theme of your interior design. Some familiar styles are Southwestern, Victorian, American, English, and Country.

Magazines, open houses, home shows, or consulting with a bathroom renovation expert are proper methods to discover a style that completely suits your bathroom decorating concept.

Match Colors with your Bathroom Design

The final element binding everything collectively is color. The bathroom is usually prepared by types and style selected. Again, the theme and style of the house must combine in with that of the bathroom plan.

A bathroom design trend can quickly become old when your children grow up, so try to predict how the bathroom will be used in the future. An excellent choice may be neutral colored fixtures and tile, for ease of updating color accents with wallpaper, paint, towels, and draperies.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is a large or small bathroom remodeling design needs a lot of preparation and thought before choosing a final plan. The bathroom floor plan is decided not only by desires but also by budget and space restrictions in many times.

Sometimes you may take space from adjoining rooms or closets reuse current light fixtures and shelves. An entirely new look and feel can be accomplished by re-arranging fixtures. A bathroom designer or a renovation expert can assist you to visualize good space in new ways. Check out these bathroom renovation checklist needed to avoid costly mistakes.


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