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Do I really need a contractor that specializes in commercial painting? Isn’t it the same as residential painting?

If you own or manage a commercial building, it is only a matter of time before you are going need to get a paint job. If you know a really great residential painter, you may be tempted to offer them the job, however, in most cases, this would be a mistake.

While many of the principals behind residential and commercial painting are similar, there are actually some very significant differences between the two. Although many companies do offer both residential and commercial painting services, they will approach residential jobs and commercial jobs differently – with good reason.

Reasons to Hire Commercial Painting Contractor

Size of Job

The most obvious difference between residential and commercial painting is that commercial jobs tend to be much larger. For very large jobs, an entire team of painters may be required – as opposed to residential in which case it is usually only one painter.

Examples of large commercial spaces in Toronto include shopping malls, hotels, museums, and office buildings. It is hard to imagine a single painter, roller in hand trying to tackle such a large space! In addition to requiring more people on the job, large spaces may have special challenges such as very high ceilings. Because of these challenges, a job like these often requires specialized equipment such as cherry picker cranes and industrial painting tools. Commercial painters will also have access to high-quality commercial paint supplies.


Logistics in a residential painting is usually fairly simple. A painter comes into a home and the family that is living in the home has to avoid using the room which is being painted for a day or so.

But in the business world, things tend not to be quite as simple.

Because commercial painting involves working for businesses, these types of jobs often have tight deadlines and other logistics which must be considered as business does cannot afford to be shut down for a lengthy period of time. In large scale commercial projects, the painters must often coordinate their schedules with those of other contractors. This differs from the residential painter who very often is working alone.

While residential painters typically work during the daytime from Monday to Friday, commercial painters must often work outside of business hours so that the business in which they have their project can still operate. It is not unusual for commercial painters to work on weekends or around the clock to complete a job.

Range of Services

Finally, commercial painting contractors tend to offer a wider range of services than residential painters. Commercial painting companies may offer faux finishing, sandblasting, or electrostatic painting or a range of other services which residential painters typically don’t provide.

Who to Use

It may seem obvious that you should use a residential painter for a residential job and a commercial painter for a commercial job. And in most cases, this is absolutely correct. But you should also take the size of the job into consideration. If for example, you are painting your entire house and you would like it done quickly, then it might make more sense to hire a commercial painter.

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