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How do I hire the right painter for the job?

Many home and business owners choose to hire professional painters for painting work which they need or would like done. In the case of homeowners, hiring a professional saves time over doing it themselves. In the case of business owners, the project may be too large or too complicated to do themselves.

The following are some steps and considerations you should make when hiring the right painter. Determine what work needs to be done. When you get quotes from contractors, you want to make sure that they are quoting on the same work so that you can make accurate comparisons. Make a list of all the work you need to be done, including which areas, color, and type of paint as well as any special finishes you may want. In some cases, a contractor may have questions about the list or recommend an alternative to something you’ve requested. If this happens, listen to their reasoning – it may be that they are able to get you a better result using another paint or method.

Ask questions: Find out exactly what the contractor is going to do for you including how they are going to prepare the surface and what type of primer and paint they will be using.

Learn what protection they offer: This applies to both your personal items (what kind of insurance do they carry and how will they protect floors, furniture or plants if this is an outdoor job) as well as what kind of warranty do they offer on their work. If there is a warranty what does it cover? Does it cover painting materials or only labor?

Ask about timing: Find out when the job will be started and finished. Ask if there will be any remedy for a job that is not complete on time. This could be especially relevant in the case of a commercial painting job which could potentially interrupt business and cost the customer revenue if not completed on time.

Referrals: A contractor who is proud of their work will have no issues with providing you with the names of some of their previous clients. Contact a few of them to see how satisfied they are with the work that was done by the contractor. Ask them how close they came to their quote and if the job was finished on time.

Insist on quality: Contractors have access to a wide variety of products including premium quality paints. In almost all cases, you should choose the highest quality. This will be more costly but it is well worth it as high-quality paints will last much longer and therefore end up costing you less over time.

Having a quality paint job is a simple way to make your space look great. A job that you are not happy with on the other hand can be a source of frustration. Make sure to do your homework, and hire a painting contractor that you feel good about and who can do the best job for you.

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