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How Long will a Paint Job Last?

How Long will my Paint Job Last? It’s a common query for many homeowners and businesses in Canada. Get all your doubts cleared in this article.

Just after painting, your house looks neat, fresh, and attractive. It would be nice if the look lasts for years. Interior painting is costly, and you cannot afford to change it frequently. Even if you can afford it, the job is a hassle and risky to take up many times.

How long the paint remains on the surface depends on the quality of paint and the health of the room. You can expect a quality paint job done by a professional painter under favorable weather conditions to last from seven to ten years.

Below are a few reasons that can cause paint jobs to decrease their durability and lose their luster.

Paint Quality :

The most important factor that affects the life of paint is the quality of paint used. Oil base paints last longer due to their high durability and fast drying capacity. However, oil paints are stopped due to high VOC levels. Other alternatives to them are water and alkyd based paints. Both water and alkyd based colors are safe for the environment and will look good on your walls. A method of sensing whether the paint you buy will last for years is the price. If it is a little expensive, the chances are that it’s an excellent paint that will last for years.

The Movement in the Painted Room :

Rooms with heavy usage will have the most chance of paint damages and corrosion. Use paint that resists abrasions for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Smoke and Water Damage:

Most of the people tend to smoke in houses only. The nicotine coming from the smoke will impact the paint. Also, Smoke coming from the kitchen furnace damages the paint color. Make sure that is working correctly, and all of its filters cleaned regularly. Water leaking from pipes or ceiling creates a brown layer on the walls and also damages the paint look.

Hot Showers in bathrooms also damage your painted walls. Be sure that the bathroom is well ventilated and the hot fumes are sent out by an exhaust fan.

Drastic Change in Temperatures :

The radical change in temperatures also damages the paint on your exterior walls. You can do nothing regarding this, but to make sure you use the paint that is resistant to temperature changes.

5 Easy Steps for a Long-lasting Paint Job

Once your home is painted, it’s up to you to maintain the look of your house. Below are some routine steps need to take to increase the lifespan of your paint job.

Use a Primer :

A Professional Painter always uses a primer before applying any paint. Primer acts as adhesion between the surface and colors and thus minimizing the chipping, bubbling or flaking. Primer is to be used based on the type of paint.

Apply thorough coats :

After applying primer, add two coats of paint for an extra layer of protection.

Avoid Direct Sunlight :

While painting exterior walls, it is advised to paint an area that is on the other side of the house from where sunlight is directed. It’s best to color when the temperature is milder.

Avoid painting on wet surfaces :

Paint cannot correctly adhere to damp surfaces. If it’s raining, wait for 24 hours to resume painting. Check the forecast before painting to ensure that is no rain in the area while painting.

Keep exterior Surfaces clean after painting :

Power wash the painted surfaces to keep the dirt away. Keeping up with cleaning and maintenance will also help chop down on the preparation needed for your next paint job.


On average, a home needs to be painted for every seven to ten years. This can vary from the local weather conditions, the health of the walls in your room, the quality of paints used for painting and more.

So, the best route to take is to call a professional exterior painting contractor to evaluate your home’s current condition. Create and follow a customized plan obeying the above-discussed steps on applying a new coat of paint. We at Executive Touch Painters have immense experience in identifying local weather conditions in Toronto and homes in Canada to get you the best painting job that lasts for a more longer period. Contact or Call us Now! at 416-410-0164 for a Free Estimate.

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