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Living Room Paint Ideas to Showcase your Home

The Living Room in your house reflects your mood. Guests who come to the house also first see the living room. So a modern living room should be kept neat, and special care should be taken while painting it. Want to make your guests surprised? Here are some of the ideas for making your living room unique and also to showcase your vibrant style and personality.

Ideas to Showcase Your Style

1. Small Living Room Ideas

A small living room is given different colors than of the big ones. Colors that can lend energy to living room include yellow, green and grey. Use bolder shades if needed. Try to use warmer shades of colors for the walls and a different shade for the ceiling. By using different shades of walls and ceiling, you can create a contrast between the tones. Also decorate the room with reflective items like glass, mirrors, and metal wall to help space appear larger than it is actually and be careful not to overcrowd with great accessories. By taking up bright colors people will focus on the look of the room instead of the size.

2. Big Living Room Ideas

Coming to a bigger living room, bright and bold shades and neutral paint shades are all feasible options. Choose the wall that will be the primary focus of the room and paint the brick fireplace in bright colors. The walls can take darker shades without making the room feel closed up. Do not go for pale complexions, mainly white. So many people opt for white, but it is not the right choice. White color makes the room to look dull and appear to blend in too much. Decorate the room with Big flower vases, candles, and big art pieces.

3. Colors for Living Room

Most popular paint colors that are used are the earth tones for a living room. Mostly Chocolate brown, green and tan. Yellow can also be chosen to add that extra brightness in the room. Choose any color, but the ultimate goal is to create a cozy living space.

If you want to make your condo room bigger, without even expanding it, choose the sky blue color with white for the walls, mimicking the sky color, helps to develop your space. But if you want a calm atmosphere in the living room, just go for the green color. Studies prove that green color keeps the people quiet.

Don’t want a lot of bright colors in your home? Not fond of striking color schemes? Then a neutral color scheme is perfect for you! Great options include off-white, grey, and light brown. If you want to continue the neutral color throughout your space beyond just the living room walls, add darker versions of the interior paint.

4. Painting the Accent Wall

The most important is the accent wall in the Living Room. Paint should be perfect for the accent wall. Mostly accent walls look best when they are stable i.e., with no doors or windows in it. Before painting an accent wall, make sure there is no competition from the other walls in the room. Choose a focal point on the accent wall and place your favorite painting there for drawing the attention of others. You could even use wallpaper or designs on your accent wall instead of a different color of paint. Make sure that the color of the accent wall compliments the other wall colors.  Always make a good statement with your accent wall.


Now you have some ideas for painting your living room. For more great paint or interior design and decorating ideas.  Call our Toronto Painters at (416)-410-0164 or Contact us online.

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