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Exterior Brick Painting Toronto - Executive Touch Painters

Exterior Brick Painting Toronto

Brick houses are being constructed in Toronto for over 100 years and have become the landmarks of the city. Till today you can encounter beautiful brick houses in Toronto’s Don Valley and Bathurst street. Bricks represent the culture and glorious past of the city. Brick houses across the city and Canada remind us of the influence of British culture in the history of the country.

Brick Painting

Brick walls are the popular choice for most Canada people because the materials are considered to be the most durable in building houses. However, no matter how strong or durable, bricks also need maintenance works. There is a chance that brick walls get damaged to exterior heat and weather conditions. But compared to other types of walls, the cost of repairing or replacing bricks is expensive.

So it is a good idea to consider brick painting rather than replacing or repairing it.

Benefits of Brick Painting

Painting exterior bricks have always been a good idea for most of the homeowners in the Toronto Area. Bricks are strong and durable, but the walls lose authentic and charm due to the changes in the climate. Repainting of the bricks is necessary to keep the walls beautiful.

1. Increase the Value of House

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior brick walls will increase the curb appeal. Toronto city is full of brick houses, and brick painting is the first option to make your home look apart from other houses.

2. Brick Painting cost is low

No matter what colour you are using, painting bricks is very cheap and convenient. When there are patches or damages on the brick walls, repainting is less expensive than replacement.

3. Give your House a New Face-Lift

The painting of bricks is an incredible method to give a unique look to your house’s exterior. A fresh look with a new feel is generated by brick-painting.

4. Protect and Defend Exteriors

A brick that is adequately painted will seal it and protect against the harsh climatic conditions. The painting will even stop the further crumbling of bricks and save you lots of money. Another important use is that painted brick is not likely to attract mould or damaging ivies or even climbing plants.

Why Should You Hire a Contractor for Brick-Painting?

Brick painting is not easy, and you need to take help professional to make your project successful. Here are some of the reasons to say that you need to hire a professional.

1. Professionals know the right paint

Most of the homeowners try to paint the bricks on their own, and after some days, the bricks start to crumble. The pores of the brick are clogged, and the moisture is trapped inside. A qualified professional knows what type of paint is to be used for bricks and so the pores are not clogged, and the bricks do not crumble.

2. DIY can damage the brick walls

Painting the bricks all by yourself is a waste of energy and time. Even though if you take a risk and paint them and if anything goes wrong, it is tough to unpaint bricks. So you need to be careful while painting. Removing paint could also damage bricks. So it is advisable to hire a professional for painting. Even if something goes wrong, the professionals know how to rectify the damage.

3. Saves Your Precious Time

When it comes to painting, the professionals have detailed planning and have all the equipment to complete the work at a particular time. The painters manage the project from start to end, and you need not worry about the completion of work.

4. A Painting Pro picks the best colour combination

Professional painters are well versed with all the colours and can identify the specific colour that can be perfect. The paint on the brick should also match the exterior walls of the house. So a professional knows all the details and selects the colour based on your exterior house walls.

Professional Brick Painters

We are the most experienced exterior, interior, and home renovation service provider in Toronto city. Our main aim is to make our clients happier by providing satisfactory brick painting solutions.

There are many brick-styled houses in Toronto, and we are very much happy to provide brick painting services to these homeowners. Our painters have both the experience and expertise to handle these brick painting and staining projects.

If you are trying to restore your brick interior or exterior space, then you have these options,

  • Painting of Exterior Brick
  • Staining of Exterior Brick
  • Spraying of Exterior Brick
  • Interior Brick Painting at fireplaces

Exterior Painting is a difficult task and always take the help of professional painters to complete the tasks.

Brick Staining or Painting?

Staining would be a better idea if you want the texture of the brick to be visible. The procedure requires some prep work, but it offers longer results. For small areas, there are DIY kits available. For larger areas, you need to take the help of professionals. The main advantage of stain is that there would be no chipping or peeling after the process is completed. On the other hand, painting also requires prep work, and it is more difficult than staining.

Read the article to know about Brick Staining and Painting

Best colours for Bricks

Choosing high-quality paint for brick painting is vital. It is recommended to use porus paint for exterior bricks so that the brick can breathe.

Some Color Recommendations

  • White
  • Warm White
  • Grey
  • Accent colours
  • Soft Yellow with cream
  • Forest green with black

Read the article for more colour options.

Painting Exterior Brick Before and After.

Painting Brick vs. Staining Brick

Painting Brick vs. Staining Brick

Updating the color of your brick boosts your home’s curb appeal. Not to mention, it can potentially increase resale value. When it comes time for your block revamp, you have the option of either brick painting or staining brick.

Painting of bricks is the most common task performed, and it’s effortless and can be done by yourself and also requires maintenance to keep up with the look and feel of the room. Expect to repaint it every 3-5 years due to the paint peeling from the surface of the brick. If the painting is not for the vast area, then brick painting is the best option.

If you would like to change the whole look of the room or area then staining is the best choice. In staining the brick absorbs the liquid and color is formed on the surface. The technique allows the blocks to breathe and also get protection from harmful chemicals and pollution from outside.

Main Differences Between Painting and Staining are

Painting requires maintenance, Staining is permanent :

Painting needs to be done for every three to five years; this is mainly due to the painting failures like efflorescence. The paint on brick also peels off after some years, giving the signs of re-painting. In staining, the stain is absorbed by the brick giving it a permanent color transformation and does not require any maintenance.

Painting traps moisture, Staining does not :

Paint forms a layer on the pores and does not allow moisture to come out, resulting in the formation of cracks and chipping. More water enters through these cracks and damages the bricks. Staining is done by silicate materials, intended to retain the physical properties of the blocks. The pores can release the moisture and prevent cracking of bricks. By releasing the humidity, the life of bricks increases.

Painting forms a thin film, staining is a chemical reaction :

As said above, painting creates a thin layer on the bricks, not allowing moisture to come out and damages them. In staining, a chemical reaction occurs between brick and stain solution, giving a permanent color to the brick, and allows for moisture release.

Paint is a flat finish, Staining creates the new look :

Paint creates a flat finish and causes the brick to lose its natural beauty. Paint just sits on the block by creating a thin layer. Staining, on the other hand, penetrates into the masonry and forms a permanent color. If you touch a brick after staining, you can feel the brick, but in painting, you cannot.

Why and why not to paint :

Painting allows to protect the surface of the brick and we can give you colors that are not available naturally. After applying paint to a block, you have to repaint it after three years. In the meantime, the paint may peel off, losing the beauty of the brick. Furthermore, because of the thickness, moisture may be present internally that could prevent the color from sticking. Also, after painting the humidity does not get released, making cracks to appear on the surface.

Why and Why not to stain :

Staining, on the other hand, is the best option. Staining forms a new and natural look to the surface of the brick. But some blocks cannot be stained; if no stain works on them, then painting is the only option available.

Cost of paint and staining :

Compared to color, the stain is costlier. But coming to maintenance, paint requires much more than stain. No experience is needed to paint the surface of bricks, but for staining professional is needed. The color range in staining is less than compared to the painting colors. This the main drawback of staining and positive in painting.

Staining your brick house will significantly boost the curb appeal of your property, but it requires extensive planning and preparation. Painting is a simple process and also increases the curb appeal, but only to some extent. The painting is lost after some years, but staining remains on the brick permanently. More colors are present in the paint, but in stain, there are color restrictions and cannot be used on all types of bricks.


Obviously, there are both negatives and positives in both painting and staining brick. If you are not able to decide the one to choose, our experts at Executive Touch Painters are ready to help you. Contact us online or Call us at 416-410-0164 for more details.