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The Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Setting out your bathroom remodeling and renovation on the proper foot supports to avoid expensive mistakes, scheduling delays, and hurry decisions. Read through this helpful bathroom renovation checklist to find out how to plan your bathroom remodeling project.

Check List

Plan Your Budget

Start in the excellent place by having a look at what you can afford and what your dream bathroom will reasonably cost. Preliminary budgets help to identify gaps between imagination and reality; however, they also serve to hammer out preferences and allow your family to decide precisely what type of bathroom remodeling is needed.

Use a simple spreadsheet to enter your estimated budget, including costs for labor, materials and all the extra charges that come along with home improvement projects. Cross things off the list when your prices go above the projected spending limit and feel free to add items and features where feasible.

Prepare for the Inconvenience

Consider how long this project will take. Do you have a different bathroom to use during that period? Can you manage to have contractors in and out of your house over the course of a week or longer?

Think About the Time

The time needed assumes on the scope of work and the capability of your contractor. Destruction and construction projects apparently take longer than simple redecorating works, and a small powder room can be renewed in a fraction of the time it takes to rebuild a sizeable three-piece bath. Think the length of time required for your renovation and plan your life respectively.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Bathroom

As noted already, you may need to upgrade electrical, or plumbing elements when your bathroom remodels to meet current building codes. Evaluate the situation of your bathroom by checking the plumbing and wiring. Are you using non-GFCI outlets and older style switches? Can you find valves, PVC pipes, and connectors? Upgrade now to meet code and provide high-grade durability.

Examine the room for mildew and mold growth as well. Any drywall, furniture, window or door framing and built-in pieces with visible mildew or mold need to be eliminated. Flooring, Framing, and ceiling tiles may also have mold growth. A quick inspection now permits you to anticipate potential difficulties, but be alert to that many issues hide behind the flooring, existing walls, and ceiling.

Design Your Functionality

Suppose function as your highest preference during the design stage. Will, this new bathroom be used by the guests, entire family or only a few members? Will it additionally use as a dressing room or to another purpose? Consider who’ll use the room and what they will use it for, and then design for those functions.

Appearance and Beauty are essential, but function trumps everything. An inadequately designed bathroom can look as good as a well-designed space, but it lacks value and decreases from your quality of everyday living.

Measure It and Record

Measure some preliminary measurements of your space and record them in a handy location. Room dimensions, including ceiling height, length, and width of the room, and window locations assist in providing measurements for flooring, drywall, and framing.

Remember to record the measurements for showers and existing tub, along with the vanity size and length of lighting strips or fixtures. These figures help to evaluate costs accurately and allow you to prefer plumbing fixtures and features that work for space.

Analysis, Ideas, and Products

The web provides plenty of data regarding the bathroom design and the products you may need for bathroom paint ideas and renovation.

After you have selected a particular design, different research manufacturers for your shower, bathtub, plumbing fixtures, and vanity. Check out the various styles and trends available. Today’s market offers everything from classic styles to modern shapes, but quality, price, warranty, and availability are sure to influence your decision.

Know Your Building Codes

Find out the basics of your local building codes, along with what type of plumbing is needed. In Canada, you have to follow the building codes for your specific province together with the National Building Codes (NBC). You would need to make sure your bathroom has a particular style of lighting or electrical work, and fire code may dictate window sizing and location.

Many house owners wait to discuss these features with their contractor, but it helps during the planning stage to have a rough idea. Be informed, and you can assume some surprises after.

Put On Light There

Lighting plays a crucial role in bathroom design, and a bathroom remodels the perfect time to replace or improve your existing lighting. Research the available styles at the market and don’t forget what type of lighting you need. Remember the natural light and consider adding or enlarging windows to maximize the power of the sun.

Functional lighting illustrates a space with the proper quantity of light. Go back to the function of this room and choose lights that work. Think about using features like dimmer switches to improve function and be sure to install lighting fixtures designed to use in a bathroom.

Ventilation is Important

When the feel and look of your bathroom are essential to the value of this renovation, small details like proper ventilation cannot be neglected. Have you added an exhaust fan in your design? Do you need to update or move the current exhaust fan?

For performance and safety, every bathroom ventilation has to be vented directly to the outdoors, not into a dead or attic space in the house. Ensure your new bathroom has maximum air quality by including proper ventilation, based on the location and size of the room.

Examine the Environment

Home remodeling projects require many various building materials. Your bathroom will add value to your house and the planet while you choose eco-friendly products and construction methods. Also selecting something small like CFL light bulbs makes a difference over time.

Find out about eco-friendly products for the floor, furniture, and finishing. Look for those made from recycled products (such as glass counters or sinks) or renewable resources.

Last Word

Taking a bathroom renovation and remodeling can be hard work. Use this checklist to prepare a handle on planning, from measurements, the budget for scheduling, product research, and building code. This bathroom renovation checklist guides you throughout the beginning process so that you won’t have a problem later on.

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