Commercial Painting Toronto

Commercial Painting Toronto

banner2When you hire commercial painters in Toronto, the first thing you have to clarify or be sure of is whether or not the company specializes in commercial painting. There is a huge difference between commercial painting and residential painting. The two are completely different worlds where the only common link is that the job is catered to by professional painters.

From the quality of the paint used to the scope of the project, everything about industrial painting in Toronto is a niche that only specialists can attend to. Executive Touch Painters has provided commercial painting in Toronto from its inception and there are very few commercial painters in Toronto that can even remotely match our extensive portfolio.

There are many attributes of Executive Touch Painters that make us a better choice than other commercial painters in Toronto.

When you require commercial painting in Toronto, it is important to work experts who understand the unique requirements of commercial jobs. At Executive Touch, our team is well versed in the requirements of all sorts of commercial buildings from offices to warehouses to industrial settings.

Everything from choose appropriate colours, to using the proper types of paint and equipment to organizing logistics must be taken into account. In short, this is not a time to hire an inexperienced painter or an untested company.

Toronto’s commercial buildings are diverse in nature and when it comes to a quality paint job, specific needs must be taken into account for each one.

Office buildings

In one sense, painting the inside of an office building is similar to an interior residential job. Walls are typically drywall and colours tend to lean to the warmer neutrals. There are always exceptions of course, a highly creative marketing firm for example might wish bold striking colours to impress walk in clients or inspire their employees.

Since the health of your employees is paramount, Executive Touch offers 0 VOC paints with significantly less fumes. Work can be performed in the evenings or on the weekends to ensure as little disruption to your day to day operations as possible.


Warehouses often have special paint job requirements from colour coded ceiling vents to floor lines. Since walls are typically concrete or metal, special paints are required to ensure that the paint job is both thorough and long lasting.

Proper logistic management is also key to completing your job with as little disruption as possible. For very large jobs for example, you may arrange for employees to complete their work in one portion of the building while we paint in another.

Warehouse painting can include:

  • Painting and spray painting
  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Metal deck and ceiling painting
  • Floor lines
  • Interiors and exteriors

Special Projects

Perhaps you have a commercial painting project that some would consider a step outside the usual. This might include colorful geometric designs for a retail display, chalkboard paint for a nursery or daycare or some other creative or unusual project.

Whatever you’re considering, we would be happy to discuss your needs and vision with you. Our professionals can give you advice on how we might carry out your project and help your vision for your commercial painting job become a reality.


Commercial Painting for special projectsFully insured and properly equipped commercial painters


Commercial painting projects often have special safety considerations. Spaces with high ceilings may require cranes and safety harnesses and other equipment. Areas open to the public will have to be properly sectioned off to prevent accidents and liability.

At Executive Touch, we are fully insured for all types of commercial jobs and always operate according to the highest safety protocols for our painters, your employees and the public.

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There is good reason why Executive Touch Painters are among the most highly sought after commercial painters in the Toronto area. Not only can we provide services for all types of commercial painting and projects, but our professionalism and workmanship is second to none. Call us today for your estimate.


Executive Touch Painters has all the tools, hardware and equipment that are necessary for commercial painting in Toronto. Large offices, commercial space, warehouses, factories, industrial bottling plants or public places require a plethora of modern tools to not only make the job easier but also to assist the Toronto commercial painters to do a better job in quicker timeframes. We have the infrastructure that is needed to get the job done!


Industrial painting in Toronto requires much more manpower than residential painting. Executive Touch Painters has huge manpower, which can be mobilized in no time. We do not hire subcontractors. We do not look for freelancers or contractual painters whose abilities are not ascertained or confirmed. Our human resources policies are very well laid out. All our painters are well trained, experienced and they have proved their skills over a long time with the company. We have large enough teams to cater to any scale of industrial painting in Toronto.


Many Industrial painters in Toronto do not have the capacity to cater to multiple assignments, despite the expertise. This is because of the dearth in infrastructural capacity and manpower unavailability. We can manage several projects of commercial painting in Toronto simultaneously. This benefits you in two ways. First, you wouldn’t have to be subjected to a plan or timeline that would be inconvenient for you or not as per your scheduling and second, you wouldn’t have to deal with delays and poor quality work due to manpower or capacities problems.