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When home and business owners in Bradford need a professional paint job, they can rely on the expert services of Executive Touch Painters. Our business has been providing excellent service to our residential and commercial customers for over twenty years. Our experienced and professional painters in Bradford treat each job as though it was their own property – with great care and respect.

No need to be concerned about damage or liability. We are fully insured and carry both liability insurance and full coverage under WSIB. Our work has been showcased in home improvements reality tv shows such as HGTV’s Income Property and Home Stars.

Beautiful Walls and Interiors

When you are ready for a change to your home’s interior, one of the easiest and most economical ways to make a big change is to paint the interior. Hiring a professional painting and decorating service to do this can save you a lot of time and headaches.

When people do their own painting, it often takes them a lot longer than they anticipated because they underestimate how much time it will take them to do all of the prep work. If you work full time or have other obligations that you must attend to, interruptions to the job can make a job that would normally take several hours and cause it to last several days, a week or even longer.

The professional Bradford painters and decorators of Executive Touch can often complete a room’s interior from start to finish in one day or less.

When you trust your interior residential painting service to us, we are committed to respecting your home as if it were our own. In addition to giving you the highest quality painting work, we will ensure that your personal belongings are well protected prior to beginning to paint – either by having them moved to another room or by having them well covered. Furthermore, there is never any mess for you to clean up after we are done – because cleaning up after ourselves is part of our process.

A Beautiful Home Inside and Out

A home’s exterior paint job can help to make it look fresh and vibrant or it can cause it to look old and tired. If your home’s exterior has seen better days, it may be time to paint.

While a fresh coat of paint on your walls can dramatically improve a home’s appearance, it also does much more than that. A good paint job on the exterior actually helps to protect the interior. When exterior paint starts to peel and crack, it can allow water to leak through to the home’s exterior walls. This can be a huge problem which will lead to large repair bills if it is not corrected early.

When the professional crew from Executive Touch paints the exterior of a client’s home, the entire exterior is inspected and any problem areas such as cracks or splits are repaired prior to painting. This helps to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting paint job.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting projects differ from residential painting in that the area to be painted can often be quite large and may, therefore, require additional manpower and even special equipment such as cherry picker cranes for buildings with high ceilings.

In some cases, special types of industrial paint may be necessary based on what a specific commercial building is being used for. Logistics of business operations co-existing with paint crews may also pose a challenge.

Executive Touch is an interior and exterior commercial painting company that understands and is accustomed to these unique challenges.

Why Hire Us?

Our commitment to quality and professional jobs with years of experience has made us a preferred local painting contractor for home and business owners in Bradford and its surrounding areas. Call us today for a no-obligation quote.

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