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When home and business owners in Woodbridge and the surrounding area are looking for quality professional painters in Woodbridge, they need to look no further than Executive Touch Painters. We have been in the painting business for over twenty years and we excel at not only providing a top-quality paint job but superior customer service as well.

Whether your project is residential or commercial; interior or exterior – we have the expertise and experience to give you a top-quality job.

Residential Beauty Inside and Out

People decide to have the interiors of their homes painted for a whole variety of reasons. They may be selling their home and are looking to freshen it up to entice potential buyers or they may have recently moved into a new home and didn’t’ like the previous owner’s color scheme. They may be restoring their walls after years of being marked and bumped or perhaps they are simply ready for a bold new look.

Whatever your reason for an interior paint job, we will provide the quality painting services that you need ranging from color consultations to pre-painting wall repairs, to faux finishes and even complete cleanup. Our goal will be to add you to our growing list of happy customers.

When it comes to painting your home’s exterior, there is even more at stake. Sure, your home will look much better when it is sporting a fresh new coat of paint. This is important whether you are selling your home or simply looking for neighbourhood bragging rights. But appearances are not the most important thing here.

Painting your home’s exterior every five to ten years also helps to protect it. The paint actually serves as a barrier to keep water and moisture from getting into the exterior walls. This can save you huge repair bills down the road.

Before house painting the exterior of your home, we will thoroughly inspect for – and repair – any defects or damage. This will help to ensure that your paint job stays beautiful longer.

A Great Commercial Impression

Your commercial space – be it an office, a storefront or a factory is often the first impression that many of your prospective customers have of your business. Appearances are important!

Commercial painting, however, differs from residential painting so it is important to have an experienced commercial painting company like Executive Touch on your side.

Because commercial buildings can be quite large with high ceilings, you need to be sure that the contractor you hire has the manpower and equipment to do the job properly. Can you imagine how long it would take one or two painters to paint an entire warehouse in Woodbridge? You need a contractor that can send a whole crew to do the job – and that crew must have the proper equipment to reach high points in the building safely.

It’s also important that you deal with a contractor who understands the complex logistics of a commercial renovation. They need to be able to work during off-hours whenever possible and work around your employees’ schedules so they don’t interfere with your daily operations.

Our understanding and expertise in all of these areas have made us the choice of many businesses throughout the area.

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