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When residents of Maple are looking for a residential or commercial painting contractor or painters, they call on the trusted professional team at Executive Touch Painters. We have been in the painting business for over twenty years and we have seen it all from simple “re-fresh” jobs to jobs that required extensive cleaning and wall repair before actual painting could commence.

We are trained and equipped for interior as well as exterior painting projects as well as both commercial and residential. We are fully licensed and insured (WSIB included) for every project that we take on. Our trusted position in the community as a contractor of choice has earned us features on HGTV’s Income Property and Home Stars.

A Fresh, Clean or Bold New Look for Your Home’s Interior

There are many reasons why customers choose to have the interior of their home re-painted. After years of living in a home, walls can become dirty or marked. Sticky fingerprints from children or marks from that spot near the stairs you keep hitting with the laundry basket can detract from your home’s appearance even if everything else is immaculate.

Another reason for residential interior painting is that you are simply tired of “builder’s beige”. If this is the case, and you’re looking for a bold new look, our interior designers can help you choose the colour that perfectly suits you and your home.

Whether it’s for a single room or the entire home, our professional painters are committed to doing an excellent job while completely respecting and protecting your property.

Reasons For A Fresh Exterior

  • It is recommended that you have the exterior of your home painted every five to ten years. Giving the outside of your home a fresh coat of quality paint can dramatically improve the home’s appearance – especially if your home is starting to show the effects of weather and pollution. If you are trying to sell your home, it can also be one of the most effective ways to improve your curb appeal.
  • Another reason for this type of maintenance is that exterior paint when it’s in good condition is also a preventative measure. It protects your home’s exterior walls from water damage.
  • Before painting, your home should always be inspected for any cracks or gaps – which should then be repaired prior to painting. The team at Executive Touch does this for all of our exterior residential customers.

Professional Commercial Painting Services

  • Whether it is for a storefront, a factory or an office, commercial buildings have some unique considerations when it comes to painting.
  • First, you have to consider how a paint job may or may not communicate your brand. Soothing colours may be used for a medical office and more vibrant colours might be more appropriate for a digital gaming firm.
  • When hiring a painting company, you also need to consider the fact that larger jobs may require special equipment for rooms with high ceilings, a team of painters in Maple rather than one or two and a contractor who can organize and work with complicated logic.
  • Our experience and expertise and attention to detail in all of these areas are one thing that keeps our customers coming back.

Maple’s Painters of Choice

Discover why residents of Maple rely on Executive Touch Painters for their residential and commercial painting needs. Give us a call today for a complimentary quote.

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