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Our expert team of Caledon Residential Painters has helped us reach new heights in painting and decorating businesses in Caledon. Executive Touch Painters and decorators are different from other companies. Our commitment to providing you with the most innovative tools and expertise so that you could get the best solution for your various specific interior painting needs is something that gives us a winning edge over our competitors. What is more, you can use all of our services at an affordable price. Use our quality services and you will be experiencing a new level of painting solutions. Whether it is about the latest trends in painting materials or the innovative techniques and style we use – you will find our team of Caledon Residential Painters the best.

Our Guarantee

Our expert team of Caledon Residential Painters guarantees a rewarding interior painting experience.

  • We use the right type of interior paint that best fits your specific interior painting needs.
  • We paint only those things that are supposed to be painted and ensure optimum protection for all those things that are not to be painted, such as floors, mouldings, windows, furniture, etc.
  • We guarantee you the best quality of paint. Our team is experts and they know how to differentiate a good quality interior paint from poor quality paint.
  • Our team of Caledon Residential Painters also makes sure that all the surrounding areas are completely cleaned up while the painting job is being done.
  • Application of the paint in the most effective way is also guaranteed.

Make Your Interior Painting a Rewarding Experience

home renovations caledonOur expert team of Caledon Residential Painters recommends the following ways to ensure a rewarding interior painting experience while you save substantial time and money simultaneously.”Massimo – A Painting Professional Executive Touch Painters did a great job and exhibited a great level of professionalismRead more Our Painting Testimonials

  • You can determine the quality of interior paint by rubbing a drab of it between your fingers. If it feels smooth and full to the touch, the quality is good. If it feels gritty, the quality is poor.
  • You can determine the number of gallons required by dividing the total square footage of your room by 350.
  • One gallon of a good quality interior paint covers 350 square feet of a room.
  • Oil-based paints are good and offer durability but if the old paint on the walls is latex paint, you will not be able to apply the oil-based paints. Semi-gloss latex interior paints will be an ideal choice in that case.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fresh, innovative, fashionable and sophisticated Interior Residential makeover, look no further than the Caledon Residential Painters from Executive Touch Painters.

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