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  • March 28, 2018
  • Residential Painting

When and Why Use Oil based Paint Over Water Based Paint?

Painting your house is a project that is taken most seriously by every homeowner. While selecting paints for the home they often get confused about the paint choice to be made. Choosing between Oil based and Water based colors is a big task for the owners. Both types of paint have their advantages and disadvantages.

Water-Based Paints :

Majority of the paints sold or used today are water-based. Latex paints do not use solvents, and the primary carrier of the pigment is water. The paint requires 48 hours to dry and has a minimal odor. Acrylic paints also release fewer VOCs during the drying process.

Advantages of Water-Based Paints
  • Low VOCs
  • Easy cleanup
  • Quick drying
  • Resistant to cracking

Oil-Based Paints :

Unlike water-based paints, oil paints do not dry by evaporation. Drying process completed by oxidation, converting oil into a polymer chain. This layer is long-lasting and resistant to the degenerative effects of water and air.

Advantages of Oil-Based Paints :
  • Attractive Gloss
  • Durable and lasts longer
  • Good Leveling finish is possible
Why Use Oil Based Paints?

There are many advantages of oil-based paintings. They take much time to dry and so give a glossy look to the surfaces. Oil paint forms a hard enamel on the surface and is more resistant to scratches, fingerprints and other stains. We can coat with new oil paints on existing oil-based colors as they quickly adhere to each other. Oil-based paints are most effective on rooms or surfaces that receive more traffic. Painting with oil-based paints looks much better, simple, and beautiful than the surfaces painted by the water-based paints.

When Should You use Oil Based paints?

Oil paint can be used in any situation of painting but needs some extra time to work. In a house, there are some areas where oil-based paints are preferable.

  • Interior and exterior trim
  • Doors
  • Cabinets in the kitchen and other places
  • High moisture rooms in the home like kitchen, bathrooms, etc.
  • Places where you like to have glossy finishing

How to Use Oil Based Paints?

  • Painting with oil paints is different from painting with water-based paints. Follow these tips while going for oil-based painting.
  • Always use high-quality brush recommended for Oil painting only.
  • We cannot use the brushes after painting with oil paint, so try to use disposable ones.
  • While selecting paint, be careful and always take the help of a professional.
  • Go for environmentally friendly paints, like those which emit less VOCs.
  • Make sure you give enough time for the first coating to dry, usually takes from 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • Before the final coating, sand the surfaces, to see the imperfections.


Oil-based paints are more efficient than Water-based paints. Oil paints give a glossy and beautiful finish to the surfaces. Painting with Oil-based is a hard job, but it pays off for the work you have done. Confused about choosing between the paints? Our experts at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always there to help you. Contact or Call us Now! at 416-410-0164 for more assistance.