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Residents of the Richmond Hill area know that they can count on Executive Touch Painters for their commercial painting and house painting projects. Our painting services run the full gamut of the exterior, and interior as well as custom faux finishes.

Professional Painting Services in Richmond

What keeps our customers coming back to us is the fact that we provide the highest quality workmanship and adhere to the highest professional standards both in the work that we do and in the customer service that we provide. If a happy and satisfied customer is the best advertising there is, then we have a LOT of great advertising!

Interior Painting

Painting a home’s interior is a great way to dramatically change the appearance of a home without committing to major renovations. It is also a great way to freshen up the appearance after years of dings, scratches, poorly placed picture frames and sticky fingerprints.

Executive Touch painting contractors offer colour consulting for interior residential and commercial paint jobs though many customers also come to us with their paint colours pre-selected.

When our painters in Richmond Hill come to your home or office, they will treat it as if it were their own being careful not to allow your personal belongings or furnishes to become damaged or get paint on them. They also fully clean up after themselves so there will be no work for you to do after the fact except to sit back and enjoy your beautiful new paint job.

Exterior Painting

Painting a home’s exterior is a great way to make it look better in a hurry. This is especially important if you are selling your home in Richmond Hill or its surrounding areas and need to increase its curbside appeal.

But did you know that the paint on your home’s exterior has an even more important job than providing curb appeal? A home’s exterior paint actually helps to protect the home from moisture which can enter the home’s exterior walls through any cracks or gaps which expose them to the elements.

Before painting your home, our professional painters will inspect for and repair any defects which could prevent your painting job from lasting as long as it should. This may even save you costly repair bills for water damage down the road!

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is a job best left to the professionals. Because the scope of these jobs can be quite large, so can the margin of error and it takes a skilled contractor to know what is needed. Very often when our company is hired for a commercial job, we will use a whole team of painters rather than just one or two. This is important because we do not want to hold up the operations of any business that hires us.

We will of course work during the business’s off hours whenever possible – but sometimes logistical planning is needed so that a business’s employees can still work while the building is being painted.

Commercial painters also need to have the right tools and equipment to reach very high ceilings and tall walls. This is something a painting company which does only residential work may not have.

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