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Why Choose Us

Among the dozens of painters in Oakville, why should you choose Executive Touch Painters? All reputed Oakville painters would die for your contract, offer you extensive portfolios, and references, and will also possibly provide you with a no-obligation consultation and estimate. The approach is pretty standard and you would be enticed to take a decision based on what you see, hear and understand.

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Executive Touch Painters is one of the many Oakville painters that will be on your shortlist but whether or not we would be your eventual choice should be based on your assessment of all shortlisted painters in Oakville. You should make an informed decision, whoever you choose. Here are a few reasons for you to choose us.

Unparallel Assessment

It is very easy for Oakville painters to meet you and offer you a catalog, and provide you with a few names, addresses, and phone numbers to check out the quality of work one has done before. We can offer you all such resources so you can be certain of our credentials and accomplishments. However, the past is not always the guarantor of the future and simply because one client is mesmerized by the quality of our work doesn’t assure that you would be enchanted by our work as well.

Whether or not you would be indelibly pleased with our work will depend on what we deliver at your home, office, or commercial property with high-quality painting. The only way to please you completely is to have a perfect assessment. Our assessment involves understanding your sensibility, family values, or corporate themes, an inspection of your walls, ceilings, and exteriors, ascertaining your budget, and tallying all such recorded observations with the plethora of choices of eco-friendly paints and solutions that can be offered using quality workmanship.

Executive Touch Painters does not just offer house painting services in Oakville but a solution that complements your home, office, or commercial property and if so desired, enhances the interior and exterior ambiance unprecedentedly.

A Perfect Job

Executive Touch Painters is among the very few painting contractors in Oakville that offers residential, commercial, and industrial painting. We have a huge infrastructure, a massive team of Oakville painters all on our payroll and not subcontractors or third-party organizations,  and we have 20 years of expertise in all kinds of painting projects having dealt with every product that is out there and combining artistry, creativity with skills, we can deliver the perfect solution.

From extensive planning right at the outset, a clearly chalked-out plan of action, most stringent adherence to schedules, timelines, and budgets to finishing the paint job in an unexpectedly tidy manner, Executive Touch Painters can get a job done in a way that no other Oakville painters can.

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