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Brampton is a primary economic hub for retail, manufacturing, supply chain, cutting-edge information technologies, consumer packaged goods, life sciences, and much more. Over 80% of the business is small and medium-sized, having less than 50 employees. Furthermore, there is scope for significant industrial and residential development, and there is more construction to come shortly.

With a population of over half a million, Brampton is the third-largest city in the GTA and the ninth-largest in Canada. The town is now attracting more residents due to the improved infrastructure, less cost of land, and favourable tax structure. It is becoming a prime location for corporate head offices, factories, warehouses, etc., as well as the typical domestic goods and services required to provide for the population.

The increase in construction had made the painting in Brampton a tough job, You should hire an expert who is trustworthy and has full knowledge of painting projects. At Executive Touch Painters, we guarantee that our experts will treat your property with the proper respect. By choosing our company’s painting services you are putting your home or office in great hands.

Commercial and Residential Painting Services

Residential Painting

residential painters brampton

Painting a home is never easy, especially if both the inside and the outside need to be painted. You want to use a painting company, but you need to hire someone that you can trust. Executive Touch Painters can help you with your house painting needs with the highest quality work, and there are many reasons why you need to call us to come to paint your home.

House Painting Services Brampton

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Colour Consultation
  • Carpentry and Repairs
  • Commercial Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Home Renovations
  • Dry Wall Repair and Faux Painting

Commercial Painting

commercial painters bramptonCommercial painting is generally a large-scale painting job for establishments such as shops, offices, facilities, and significant buildings. All phases of the job must be carefully coordinated with the client so that the final deliverable is in line with the expectations. In Commercial painting, communication with the client is key, and from our side, we promise that there is very little disturbance to your daily day-to-day business activities.

All our Commercial painters are well trained to understand the needs of our customers and provide the best output. At Executive Touch Painters, we are proud that we have some of the esteemed clients of Brampton and will continue to extend our services to other areas also.

We paint

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Retail Business
  • Logistics
  • Information and Communication Technology Services
  • Food and Beverage Industries

Why Choose us?

Best Painters in Brampton

Professionals who do it right: When it comes to painters in Brampton, we have a lot of experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. You want the job done right, and you want to be able to trust that your walls are going to look the best. You have expectations, and we guarantee that we have the most professional painters in Brampton that can both meet and exceed them.

Exceptional customer service: You are giving a professional painting contractor a lot of money to make sure that the interior and exterior of your home is painted the right way. You are communicating with a representative of Executive Touch Painters, and this person has to be friendly, courteous, and understanding. Customers are the most important part of any business, and without customers, no one would be able to make money or stay in business. At Executive Touch Painters, we understand just how important customers are and we value them and treat them with respect and courtesy.

Respect for your personal property: Your home is your castle, and both the inside and the outside need to be treated gently. Your property is valuable, and the last thing you need is careless people that are going to have no regard for what you own. Our staff consists of the most professional team of residential painters in Brampton and every employee of Executive Touch Painters will treat all the items in your home with special care so that nothing gets damaged or broken.

Brampton Painter Reviews

We wanted to paint the interior of our new house before moving in and had a very tight deadline to accomplish this.
Massimo and his team did not disappoint. Massimo was quick to accept our request and deadline and had good advice in helping us find the right type of paint/finish.He provided us with a written quote, proof of insurance coverage and a reference letter from the start without us needing to ask.His team was very punctual and organized with regards to prep work and cleanup.
The paint job itself was exceptional.Massimo was also very attentive and receptive to any concerns we had or changes we wanted to make.Very satisfied customers and would not hesitate to use Massimo and his team again.

Thank you Massimo and your team for helping make our new house a home.

— Valerie McGuire Dass

We were looking to convert part of our unfinished basement to a in-law suite. We obtained a few quotes and decided to go with Massimo and Executive Touch as he was the most professional and was the most thorough in understanding exactly what it was we wanted. Massimo and his crew were very professional, courteous and respectful. Overall, we were pleased with the final result. Special thanks to Massimo, Junior, Mike, Marco and Sammy.




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