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Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget

Our latest kitchen designs and decorations will give you inspiration for a quick kitchen makeover. Take a look at these kitchen renovation ideas to remodel the decor and features in style. Let’s check out the best kitchen makeovers on a budget that makes your kitchen more beautiful in the home.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1. Reinvent the New Cabinets

Reinvent the New Cabinets - Kitchen Renovation Ideas - ET Painting

Changing the cabinets of your kitchen guarantee a significant impact on the look of your kitchen space. The transformation of cabinets not only improves the look but also increases the value of a home. Consult a professional to get the most simple, cost-effective cabinets that are easy to assemble. You can find the latest designs and loads of varieties in the stores or online.

2. Create Style and Substance in the Countertops

Create Style and Substance in the Counter tops - Best Kitchen Ideas of 2019 - ET Painting

Depending on the budget, you have to decide between the laminates or the solid countertops. While the laminates are more budget-friendly, you could also choose the hard surfaces as long term investment.

Hard surface counter-tops are made from natural stone and add a stunning look to your kitchen. These slabs boost the value of your house and serve as a cooking surface. These hard surfaces are resistant to heat, bacteria, and stains. You have the option to make the sinks with granite or quartz.

3. Use Powerful Appliances to Save Energy and Time

Use Powerful Appliances to Save Energy and Time - Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - ET Painting

Do not wait until the old appliances wear out and become useless. There are shops which have exchange offers, and you can replace these old ones with the new energy-efficient and environmental-friendly appliances. New appliances offer annual savings on your electricity bill.

4. Make a Splash

Make a Splash - 10 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget - ET Painting

Update your cooking and food-prep area with a tile back-splash which is a visually appealing, functional, and long-lasting design. This choice allows plenty of room for your creativity to shine through. Choose neutral tones or bright shades of white to have a clean and sophisticated look.

5. Polished and Smooth Flooring

Polished and Smooth Flooring - Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - ET Painting

Considering the pros and cons of various flooring types, choose the water-resistant one. Choose between flooring types hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or stone tile based on your budget. Most of the people prefer stone flooring due to the low maintenance and durability. On the other hand hardwood flooring also withstands the spills and stands the test of time.

Laminate is easy to install and simulate the look of hardwood or stone. Vinyl also offers a softer feel for long periods of standing.

6. Well Organized Kitchen Storage

Well Organized Kitchen Storage - Kitchen Renovation Ideas - ET Painting

Never mess up with the storage of the kitchen. It should be easy for you to grab the things you need. You can assemble pull out organizers in the lower cabinets to help you quickly reach for the items. You can install or insert recycling and wastebaskets in the corners concealed from view.

7. Add an Island in the Kitchen

Add an Island in the Kitchen - Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas - ET Painting

Installing an island in the kitchen can be more useful than for just making the food. The island can be used for dining, storage, and comfy seating. Design a beautiful island for your kitchen based on the space available.

8. Let You Kitchen Shine with Layer Lighting

Let You Kitchen Shine with Layer Lighting - Kitchen Renovation Ideas 2019 - ET Painting

The experts recommend layering different lighting types in the same space. Four types of lighting serve your purpose in the kitchen.

  • Track light: To get a warm, pleasant glow
  • Task Light: Used under the cabinets where more light is required
  • Decorative Lights: Add Visual interest to space
  • Accent Lighting: Bring attention to little detailing

9. Appliance Garage

Appliance Garage - Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget - ET Painting

Many small appliances are used in the kitchen. If you are going to entertain your guests in the kitchen, then make the countertops look cleaner by arranging all the small appliances in one place. Store all the frequently used devices at one place and convert it into a coffee station or baking area.

10. Use Pulls or Nobs to Refresh the Cabinets

Use Pulls or Nobs to Refresh the Cabinets - Best Kitchen Renovations - ET Painting

The cabinets are used daily, and they should be durable for everyday use. Use only updated pulls and knobs, which are trendy and rust-free. If there is a particular design in your mind, then consider the texture and material of cabinets before designing the knobs and pulls. These little things help to keep your kitchen look beautiful and modern.

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Below are some kitchen renovation ideas for small spaces that you can try in your own house and make the place beautiful.

1. Use Every Inch of the Wall

Use Every Inch of the Wall - Small Kitchen Renovation - ET Painting

It’s easy to overlook making the most of every area when considering a small kitchen remodel ideas, expand your reach from the ground up. If you have high ceilings, making them a key factor for maximizing the space in the kitchen. While renovating small kitchen prepare floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves. Use these shelves for storing items used less frequently.

2. Paint the Cabinets same as the Walls

Paint the Cabinets same as the Walls - Kitchen Remodeling - ET Painting

One of the effective small kitchen renovations ideas is to paint the cabinets the same colour as the walls. Doing this erases visual boundaries that could otherwise stop the eye while enveloping the room with uniformity. The best colours for a small kitchen are pale shades that are capable of reflecting light, which makes the space look and feel larger. Chocolate and black colours create an impression that the walls are farther than they are.

3. Add Some WallPaper

Add Some Wall Paper - Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas 2019 - ET Painting

You may not have a ton of counter/floor space to play with d├ęcor, make a statement with paper on walls. If you do not want to make it more overpowering, do not cover the entire wall with paper.

4. Lacquered Ceiling

Lacquered Ceiling - 10 Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019 on a Budget - ET Painting

Not all homes can have high ceilings, but we can fake them. Lacquer is a colour that complements the walls, and it’ll look like the walls extend much higher than they do.

5. Lots of Windows

Lots of Windows - Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas In Budget - ET Painting

Having lots of windows is one of the best small kitchen renovation ideas that can be implemented. Glossy finish on the cabinets also helps to bounce the lights in the kitchen.


You could try out the above best kitchen renovation ideas to make your kitchen the most beautiful place in your home. The small kitchen renovation tricks could also help you to make the most of your space. Are you having a renovation in your mind? Then Contact Executive Touch Painters the best kitchen renovation contractor in Toronto to build your dream kitchen today.

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