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  • April 17, 2019
  • Commercial Painting

4 Helpful Commercial Painting Tips You Need to Know

One of the keen-witted parts of improving your business is to get a perfect look for your commercial building. If the building look is maintained well, it helps in attracting more customers to the business. So, What you need to do? It’s damn simple! You need to paint your commercial property taking the right steps to enhance the look of your building and your business. Our commercial painting tips in this article will help you make your industrial painting project a success.

Why is it Essential to Paint a Commercial Building?

1. First Impression is the Best Impression

Nobody likes to enter into an office which is filled with dirt and looks very shabby. A customer often judges the capacity of the company by looking at the office premises. If your office looks ugly, there are many chances that you might lose the potential customer. So it is essential to take care of your commercial property and keep it neat and clean all-round the year.

2. A Clean Environment Creates Trust

Think like a customer, “If he cannot take care of his office, how can we believe that he can take care of us.” So whether you are a store selling products or a restaurant serving food or an agency providing services to clients, a clean environment creates trust, safety, and security for everyone involved in your business.

3. Act Early, Save More

When there are small peels or patches on the walls, do not neglect them or you have to spend more dollars if the damage increases. So as the saying goes “A Stich in Time Saves Nine,” act early to repair the peeling paint and other damages.

Tips for Painting Commercial Properties :

#Tip 1. Pick a Paint Pro

So, why choose a professional commercial painter?

For a layperson, painting is just taking some paint and roller brush and get the job done. But there are various ways that professionals follow to give a perfect painting touch on your interior and exterior commercial walls.

An experienced contractor follows the below steps in painting.

  • Prepare
  • Prime
  • Paint

Before starting the painting process, the floors and fixtures need to be prepared for the paint job.

  • Covering the floor edges with tape avoids the paint to bleed.
  • Laying drop clothes absorbs the paint easily from the surfaces.
  • Applying tape to the fixtures avoids paint stains.

A professional painting company like Executive Touch will prepare your property before initiating the painting work.

  • Priming is a process conducted to create a bond between the paint and the wall.
  • Sanding: Sanding is done to smoothen the hard surfaces. This also helps to apply the paint smoothly.
  • Check Dents and Cracks: If there are gaps or cracks, they need to get filled with the painter putty.

Make your painting project a success. A professional paint contractor follows a dedicated painting process using the right tools and techniques to get the job done on time with better results.

#Tip 2. Create Your Painting Plan

Interruption of business hours can lead to negative results. So you need to have a detailed plan for the painting project. You should provide all the details regarding the occupancy of the building. Small properties like doctor’s office, stores, restaurants can be completed on weekends or during the summer breaks. Hotels get closed on non-seasonal days, so these can be completed at that time. Weather conditions should also be considered while painting the exteriors.

#Tip 3. Choose the Right Materials for the Painting Project

The materials selected for the job have a direct impact on the cost and timeline of the project. Top quality materials have better finishes and dry quickly. Also, paint failure is minimal. Quality of the materials also reduces maintenance and repair costs. The high-quality paint also forms an excellent base coat for all your future paint jobs.

#Tip 4. Conduct a Final Work Through

You and your commercial painter must review each area of your commercial painting project. Mark them if there are any changes needed. Clear all your doubts and obtain the project completion documents. Know the maintenance activities to be done in the future.


A well-planned painting schedule, material selection combined with highly professional commercial painting contractors, can yield better results. Hope the above tips will help. If you are looking for a painting crew that can complete your painting project according to your views and ideas contact Executive Touch Painters in Toronto today to get the work done on your budget and time. Call us at (416) 410 – 0164 to get a Free Estimate Now!