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  • March 27, 2020
  • Home Renovations

5 Common Window Caulking Mistakes To Be Avoided

Caulking is a simple process that makes your home secure against moisture interference, controls the heat leakage for many years. Completion of the task makes your home more beautiful for years to come. There are some common mistakes committed by most people during the process. Read on to know the common caulking mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common Caulking Mistakes

1. Applying too Much Caulk

When there are cracks on the window, most people are tempted to add more caulk. Even if there are cracks exceeding half-inch depth and wide, do not use caulk. It is better to fill the gap with foam rope.

2.Skipping Tooling

After applying caulk, the tooling process is used for smoothing out the caulk. This significant step does not give an excellent finish but also makes the work look professional. Fingers are the best tools, so move them along the bead to make sure you fill the gaps.

3. Not Selecting the Right Caulk

We have to choose a high-quality window caulk that was manufactured from polyurethane or silicon because they are many varieties of caulks present in the market. Polyurethane caulk adheres well and can long last up to 20 years.

100% Silicone caulk comes with a mixture of both latex and silicone, is waterproof, flexible, shrink-proof, and is commonly found in hardware stores.

Other caulks like resin, oil and butyl rubber are cheap but will not adhere to the surfaces for a long time. Don’t save money on caulk, you will regret later.

4. Not Using The Right Applicator

We need a good caulking gun to dispense correctly. Some make mistakes by using the vessel of caulk from the store, which does not apply to double the tool for direct application.

5. Leaving Old Caulk

Without removal of old caulk sufficiently will leave moisture accumulated over the years on the surface of your window. Buy a putty knife and use a sharp tool to obliterate old caulk.

We should apply a caulk remover gel to remove extra-hard caulk; It takes around 2 to 3 hours to loosen caulk before scraping. After that, clean the surface by using a household cleaner or rubbing alcohol to ensure the surface clean and dry.


Protecting windows is one of the most elegant ways to ensure your house stays in the highest condition throughout the seasons. If you’re having Home Renovation or Window Caulking issues, then do contact Executive Touch Painters at 416.410.0164 for a Free Estimate! You can also contact us online here.