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  • September 20, 2019
  • Exterior Painting

6 Painting Projects To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Most of the people believe that small things make a significant change, and painting is also not an exception. Painting projects can transform the look of your home, with less investment. Just a small change in the paint of the front door can bring a considerable change and create a good impression for the guests.

Small Projects that Change Look of Living Space.

1. Paint Your Archways

The archways of the house are the most neglected ones and often scuffed by wear and tear. Most of the homeowners do not paint the arches because they do not have the idea of how to paint them.

How should the archways be painted, and what is the color to be used? Is it the color of the room you are entering or the room the arch connects to? There are some options to paint the archways of your home.

  • Paint either side of the arch with the same color to create a seamless look.
  • Choose different shades for the rooms connected by the arch and paint the archway with the color of the room that you would like to be more dominant.
  • Paint the archway with a color of the rooms to create a dramatic look.
2. Bold Paint to the Doors

An entry door that is perfectly painted, vibrant, and unapologetically bold creates envy for the guests who enter the house. A painted door not only adds to the beauty but also increases the curb appeal of the home. An updated door makes the house to come alive.

Painting interiors can be a lot of fun. Choose bright colors for the children room, but the doors should have light colors to have the impact and make the difference. Using black color is not only trendy but makes a statement to the persons entering the rooms. The solid black color can be used to hide some of the unflattering characteristics that some of the doors carry.

3. Painting the Shutters

To create a real curb appeal for your interiors, painting shutters are the best option. Shutter painting is not a major project, and with few tricks, you can give a smooth and professional finish to the shutters.

  • First, remove all the dirt and deposits on the shutters. After cleaning, give an excellent scrub and let it dry to have a smooth paint application.
  • Ensure that the edges are rough for the use of a primer. It helps the paint to last longer on the surfaces.
  • High-quality paint is recommended for the exterior shutters to have a long life. The paint should also be selected based on the material.
4. Refresh the Walls of the House

Using light colors to the interior walls gives an illusion of a large room and space is opened up. Warm and dark colors are to be avoided, as the rooms tend to be smaller in dark colors.

Here are some of the professional tips to make your living spaces brightened up

  • Create an accent wall to give the room an anchor point
  • To get a polished and trim look, paint the interior trim
  • To get depth and texture, provide faux paint finish
  • Repainting the ceilings with bright white color gives your room a unique look.
5. Hallway Painting

The tough task in painting the hallways is choosing the right color for the hallways and stairs. If you are confused in selecting the colors, use the good thumb rule and opt for the color that compliments the connecting rooms. Try to keep the same color or lighter shades.


Bringing a space in your house back to life is not a big project. Updating a small area in the home can bring significant changes and make a huge difference. Our professionals at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always there to help you to make the closed places to look bigger and make the dark spots look brighter with the help of painting. If you want to transform your home and make it look more luxurious than usual? Contact us to discuss your painting project now.