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  • May 11, 2023
  • Home Renovations

7 Notable Popcorn Ceiling Removal Benefits

The popcorn ceiling became more popular in the 1970s. It is a type of ceiling hung, stuck with glue or sprayed. It is used because it is cost-effective and can cover up imperfections if there are any. It is also known as cottage cheese ceiling, Acoustic ceiling, Stucco ceiling and stipple ceiling. But nowadays, people are not opting for popcorn ceilings as they have become old-fashioned due to health reasons. In this article, we will look into the topic of 7 notable popcorn ceiling removal benefits.

Why Were Popcorn Ceilings So Popular?

Popcorn ceilings became so popular in the 1970s because they hide several imperfections. The fact is that it is very difficult to surface drywall without any imperfections perfectly. It takes a lot of time and skill to level the surface. So, People opted for spraying popcorn effect to hide imperfections as it is a cheap and faster process.

Why Should You Try Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

The shocking reality about acoustic ceilings began to emerge as the years passed. The problems that occur with textured ceilings are many. Unfortunately, these ceilings had already become widely used when these facts were publicized. People wish to remove the popcorn ceiling and replace it with something more attractive for the following reasons.

Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal

1. Threat of Asbestos

If your ceiling were done before 1978, it would likely contain asbestos because Clean Air Act has banned asbestos in creating ceilings after 1978 as there might be a danger of inhaling the substance. If your ceiling is still intact, removing it is unnecessary. Still, suppose your ceiling is damaged and exposes the interior of the ceiling. In that case, changing the ceiling as soon as possible and ensuring safety while removing it is advisable.

2. For Better Lighting

Popcorn ceilings have rough and bumpy surfaces, which affect the lighting in the room by creating harsh shadows. So, you should remove it as it is not giving you a relaxed atmosphere. If you are out of budget for removing the popcorn ceiling, consider floor lamps or wall lamps for softer lighting and to make the room more relaxing.

3. To Avoid Discoloration

Popcorn ceilings have the drawback of discoloration over time. It takes away the room’s appeal since no matter how tidy and appealing a space is, the ceiling will still give it a dull appearance. You can remove and replace it if you’re tired of dealing with its appearance. If you cannot remove the ceiling, you can give it a new look by painting it. This quick remedy will help eliminate the dullness and give the space a cleaner appearance.

4. Prevent the Catching of Dust

It’s Irritating when the ceiling looks so dull even after cleaning it several times. Popcorn ceilings attract dust and dirt very easily and need frequent cleaning. So, If you are tired of it, you can replace the ceiling. Remember that changing the ceiling will produce a lot of dust in your home. Follow suitable measures while the work is carried out to prevent the dust from scattering all over your furniture and floor.

5. To Avoid Disintegration

Even though how hard you maintain it, the popcorn ceiling will disintegrate and won’t last forever. As time passes, white flakes will fall on your floor or furniture. It is advised to remove or replace the entire ceiling at once. Otherwise, it can damage the entire surface.

6. To Fix The Ceiling From Damage

Generally, we make mistakes even though how careful we are. Punching holes into the ceiling or unknowingly making dents, or something might scratch it off. While repairing, we try to patchwork the ceiling, which doesn’t match, thereby losing our money and time. It is advised to remove the popcorn ceiling and opt for any good alternative where you can patch it more easily in the future.

7. To Make The Room More Aesthetic

You must remove the popcorn ceiling to enhance your room’s look because every detail of the room affects its final look. The popcorn ceiling will ruin the look of the room even after the room is painted with eye-appealing colours. So, the solution is to remove the ceiling and replace it with a modern look, which ultimately changes the overall room aesthetics.


Popcorn ceiling removal is challenging and time-consuming. It is outdated yet has many disadvantages affecting your room’s look and health. Executive Touch Painters have over 30 years of experience in painting and renovations, making your work easier and clean. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (416) 410-0164 for a free estimate.