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  • April 16, 2018
  • Interior Painting

Bathroom Paint Ideas

When it comes to decorating a house, all the rooms get equal attention and the rooms are well furnished, but the bathrooms are neglected and frequently forgotten and completed with half-hearted designs. But why? We spend time in the bathrooms and yet the decoration of the bathroom is ignored. All you need to transform the space is a pop of color on the walls.

The bathroom is the place where you get ready to face the world, and it’s also a private place to get recharged. Check these painting ideas for your bathroom. Choose the right color and paint to avoid bathroom paint peeling, cracking or bubbling.

Choosing The Right Colors

Opt for Light Colors

The colors should not alter the light in the bathroom, which might affect your grooming. Strong colors have the most impact, so always go for light creamy colors.

Soothing colors

A master bathroom is a place which lets you seize yourself for some time. Choose soothing paint colors that ease you to relive your stress, anxiety, frustration or more. Master bathroom paint color ideas should be according to the bedroom colors. Choose colors that share either cold or warm undertones of the bedroom.

Vibrant Colors for Small Bathrooms

If the Small bathroom doesn’t have natural light, vibrant color can play with artificial lighting sources to make a strong style statement.

White Color adds Softness

Bathrooms are full of mirrors, tiles and other hard surface materials. So the color should bring a sense of softness to space. White and neutral colors bring a touch of softness to the bathrooms when complementing them with hues.

Some Unique Small Bathroom Paint Ideas

If you want to decorate your powder room a bit different from others? Try these ten vivid colors for your small bathroom painting in Toronto.

Vibrant Teal :

A bright shade of teal color gives a quite strong statement in this modern world of designing. Choose a vibrant color for the walls and if possible pop out fixtures and artworks on the walls.

Black :

Bring a modern look to your bathroom by combining Black with silver accents. Consider adding a silver mosaic tile as the background to make the space shine.

Glimmering Copper :

Metallics are a definite style statement nowadays. So why not incorporate them into the bathrooms also. With glimmering copper, you can add instant elegance to your bathroom. Use mosaic tiles with the color combination of brown and neutral color for the backsplash. Using a floating marble countertop will complement the look of the mosaic tiles.

The Magenta’s :

Try a girly side with a pop of pink. A graphic accent not only adds fun pattern into the design but helps counteract the brightly painted walls.

Powder Blue :

If not interested in vibrant colors, go for light colors like powder blue. Try light blue color in the baby bathroom. A sunny shade of yellow sets perfectly with the space to enhance it further.

Pretty Plum :

Dark purple color adds womanishness and gives a bold look to the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to use different combinations of colors to get a bold look.

Neon Yellow :

Bright yellow stripes give a young vibe to a small bathroom also. Use minimal fixtures and accessories when using yellow lines in the bathroom space.

Deep Cherry Red :

Energize the children bathroom with a deep cherry shade of red and is also an excellent color choice for the kids. Decorate the space above the toilet by creating a colorful gallery wall showcasing the artwork of your child.

Serene Green :

On the lighter side, use the light green shade in the bathroom. Green color when combined with all fixtures in white color, gives a peaceful and rejuvenating space to freshen up.


Orange color adds warmth and comfort to the space of the bathroom.


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