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  • October 18, 2019
  • Interior Painting

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

It’s not easy for anybody to get out of the cozy bed and wake up early. But it is a lot easier to paint a bedroom with colors that are energizing and boost your mood. For any home, there is a strong need for a colorful bedroom since light bedroom colors affect your mood.

Here are some of the popular bedroom painting color trends that can be used to make your bedroom even more colorful.

Master Bedroom Paint Colors

If you want to change the look of your bedroom, then it is not necessary that you should revamp the whole place. Piling up with new furniture also costs a lot. You need to paint the rooms to get a new look for the entire room. Here are some of the colors that can be used for the master bedroom.

1. Gray and Yellow

A master bedroom with gray attributes with a mix of yellow color is a charming setup. The main ingredient in this combination is the gray color; this whole combination could make a vast color scope for your master bedroom.

2. Medium Color Tones

A master bedroom setup with medium tones for everything from flooring to beds, then it is better to have medium colors painted on the walls of the bedroom. Medium tones allow modern settings to flourish through and are an excellent idea for the master bedroom coloring.

3. Purple Dream

Bedroom painted in subdued lavender color gives a fresh look. This color would be ideal for children and the master bedroom also.

4. Vintage Pink and Grey

The classic combination of pink and grey is adorable for infant and master bedrooms. It all depends on the color tone that you are using. For a charming vintage feel in your bedroom, use a pale pink color. Pale pink color gives a faded overtime feeling.

5. Other Color Ideas for Master Bedroom

Clean, bright, and clear colors in any bedroom can be refreshing. If your bedroom does not have natural light, then use colors like turquoise blue or jade green can give the room energy. If the room is filled with light, then the yellow color will be perfect. If you are looking for a brighter hue, then opt for red or brown.

Paint Color for Bedroom with Oak Furniture

Most of the country houses or lake guest houses are furnished with oak furniture. Paint color has to be selected according to the furniture used in the bedroom. Light colors are used to paint the walls of the bedroom. Cream walls are well paired with oak furniture and the cozy bedding used. Take care that the colors used coincide well together.

Soft Paint Colors for Bedroom

Some soft colors can be used for bedroom and help you to create a tranquil space for unwinding your day and get up refreshed in the morning.

1. Sky Light Blue

A cloudless sky and crystal clear ocean are examples of pure nature pleasure. The blue color is paired with some other neutral tones and retains a smooth look that’s soothing for the soul.

2. Soft Green

When the bedroom is painted with soft green, then the hue will breathe faster and release fresh air immediately into your room. If your furniture is made of warmth wood, then pale green is the best choice.

Best Coral Paint Color for Bedroom

While most of the trends come and go, some classic styles are used. The iconic combination of coral and blue, coral and mint, cherry and lime, work together seamlessly to create beautiful paintwork for your bedrooms.

Neutral Paint Colors for Master Bedroom

Neutral paint colors are chosen for a reason. Creamy white walls let you play with the color combinations for your bedding accessories. The soothing and recessive quality of neutral tones allows you to relax anywhere in the room. Neutral colors are not always dull and boring, correct selection of texture like ivory, taupe, gray or others can give a boost to the paint of your bedroom.


The above are some of the paint color ideas for bedroom walls. You need to select the combinations of the colors according to the furniture and beds available in the rooms. Take the help of a professional painter who can help you in the selection of colors for your bedrooms. For a free consultation for your bedroom painting, contact or call Executive Touch Painters at (416) 410-0164.