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  • March 17, 2018
  • Interior Painting

Can Popcorn Ceiling be Painted

Yes! Popcorn or stucco ceilings can be painted.

Painting popcorn ceilings seem to be difficult because of their unusual texture, but it’s a simple method once you know what to do.

Steps for a Better Popcorn Ceiling Painting Experience.

Room Preparation :

Prepare the room with a popcorn ceiling carefully, since the surface of a popcorn ceiling is bound to create a good deal of splatter when you roll on paint. Tape plastic sheeting around the walls and cover the floors with drop cloths. Also, cover and mask any ceiling fixtures with plastic and painter’s tape. Also, prepare the ceiling edges to ensure that you will be able to achieve a beautiful corner where the ceiling meets the wall.

Wall Preparation :

If you are thinking to repaint the walls after ceiling painting, then there is no need for special preparation. If there is no painting for the walls, then spread some plastic over windows and doors. Cut out a square of plastic that extends over the window/door at least foot in every region. Take the tape and run a strip of tape along the top of the plastic over the window, and this won’t allow paint drops to access the window. In the same way, cover the floor with cloth or sheets to avoid paint stains on the floor.

Preparing Ceiling for Painting :

Popcorn Ceiling Patch is ready mixed ceiling texture you can brush or knife on to fix any small blemishes, and you should cover light fittings on the ceiling. Use your masking tape to cover the light that is attached to the ceiling, so that no paint sneaks in and gets on your light.

Choose the Right Color :

If you have some leftover paint from the previous paint job, you may need to color-match the paint to ensure a seamless appearance. Since popcorn ceiling texture tends to absorb water-based colors, it’s advisable to use an oil-based or acrylic latex paint.

Painting a popcorn ceiling can be done in two ways. The two methods are Hand Painting and Spray Painting.

Hand Painting :

In Hand Painting method rollers are used for painting. To complete the work quickly and neatly do not use a 15 mm roller sleeve, use a 20mm or 28mm one. Now add paint to the tray and begin painting the ceiling. Try to use complete movements of the roller in one direction instead of rolling back and forth using short strokes. Even coating prevents the paint from saturating into the ceiling and reduces the risk of peeling.

Spray Painting :

Fill the sprayer with paint. Apply color in two separate coats. Complete the first coat by spraying in one direction until the entire length of the roof is complete. Be sure to slightly overlap every individual line of sprayed paint to prevent dry edges from forming.

Second Coating :

After completion of the first coating, allow it to dry before starting the second coating. When rolling or spraying out for the second coating, do it in the opposite direction of the first coating. The second coat should be sprayed or rolled in the opposite direction to the first for having maximum coverage and a consistent finish.

Check out for Imperfects and Touch Ups :

If you find any flaws, now is the time to fix them since you still have everything set up. If you clean everything up and see any issue, you won’t want to get your tools out again and do the work again.


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