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  • April 20, 2022
  • Exterior Painting

Can You Use Exterior Paint Indoors?

Like interior paints, exterior paints are also available in different colors and formulated to withstand harsh external temperatures. After completing the external painting project, you might be thinking of using the same paint for your kitchen or bathroom, or other interiors as a homeowner. There are some instances where interior paint is mixed with exterior paint and used to paint the interiors and exteriors. If you are a homeowner having doubts about using external paint for your internal, you need to read this article to know if one can use exterior paint indoors.

What Is Exterior Paint?

Exterior paints are formulated to withstand the blistering sun, sandblasting winds, torrential downpours, and earth-shattering cold. When applied to buildings, structures, and outdoor surfaces, it must withstand the elements and not fade, peel, crack, or allow mold and mildew to grow. All the exterior paints have high-quality resins and additives to protect against UV rays and maintain color pigments. Exterior paints are softer than interior paints to withstand temperature hurdles and environmental extremes.

Can Exterior Paints Be Used For Interiors?

As said above, exterior paints are designed to withstand harmful exterior conditions and contain harmful toxins and other additives. Given that durability, homeowners might think using exterior paint indoors is a smart move to ensure longevity. But while exterior paint does come in lots of colors and will dry indoors, here’s why you shouldn’t use it for your interior walls.

  • The additives used in exterior paints are not intended to be used for interiors and also affect the indoor air quality
  • The ingredients in exterior paint that prevent mildew can cause odors and even allergic reactions when used in confined spaces.
  • Exterior paints tend to release toxic fumes, which are a big no for interiors.
  • Despite the durability, exterior paints are prone to more scratches and scuffing on the interior walls.

Your Health Might Be At Risk

Volatile Organic Compounds are a serious concern for all exterior paints and the main chemical in fumes released. VOC plays a major part in keeping the pigment for the paint while ensuring that the paint holds better to the surface, meaning the overall quality depends mostly on these useful yet dangerous components. The fumes released can seriously affect your health, so it is not recommended not to use exterior paints for your interiors.


If you are a homeowner looking to paint your house, you need to talk to a professional to discuss the right paint for interiors and exteriors. Using exterior paints for your interiors is not a good idea as the paints can release fumes and other VOC gases that might harm your family’s health. Executive Touch Painters have about 30 years of experience in interior, exterior, and commercial painting projects. Contact us for more details.