Painting Ideas & Tips
  • July 4, 2019
  • Home Renovations

Exterior Deck Staining in Summer

Summer is the time for backyard reunions and other home gatherings. If you would like to impress your guests and relatives with an attractive, spacious, and functional out space, then you need to go for deck staining or painting. Once the deck is stained or painted by a professional, you will be surprised by the look that a good deck creates to your outer space.

Naturally, the wooden decks are subjected to all the harsh elements of the climate year around. The harsh elements cause wear and tear to the decks, making them look dull. High-Quality paint or stain, not only protects the deck from harsh climates but also look beautiful. Staining not only gives an excellent look to the deck, but it also protects the wood from rotting. The stain also comes in various shades, and you can choose the shade based on your interest. A professional painter can help you in choosing the shade that compliments the outdoor spaces and doors.

Tips to Have a Beautiful Deck for Your Outdoor

1. Forecast The Weather

To have the stain applied to the deck wood, there should be no rain. The perfect temperature for staining your deck is 50 to 90 degree F. Check the weather forecast at least two days before applying the stain or paint. Always remember not to stain in the direct sunlight because the stain dries before the wood absorbs it.

2. Preparing the Surface

The basic rule is that there should be no dirt or dust before painting. Begin with sanding and remove the putty on the edges using a knife. After the sanding and removing the putty, use pressure cleaning to remove all the dust and let the deck dry for two to three days. You can also contact professionals to clean the deck. If your deck is made of old wood, then you also need to treat with special chemicals to avoid the insect and rot problems.

3. Usage of Special Brushes

Synthetic brushes are the best brushes for painting wooden surfaces. Roller accompanied with a 1/4 inch nap can be used to help the layer of satin to attach well to the wood deck without pooling.

4. Selection of Stain based on the Wood

Each stain has its advantages and suits a particular type of wood. You cannot apply a semi-transparent stain to a wooden deck coated with a solid stain. The solid stain closes the pores of the wood and does not allow another coat to be absorbed. However, you can add a solid stain to the wooden deck, which is already having the same.

5. Apply Thin Coats

Select the best color stains for your deck. To paint two or more decks at a time, use long and smooth strokes for even finishing. The semi-transparent stains should be applied. Thin strokes of stain will avoid puddles on the surface of the deck. No matter what stain you are using, always make sure that you apply two coats for a smooth finish with no miss outs.

Caring for the Deck

After staining the deck, you need to check for dirt and dust periodically. Clean the deck using a mild detergent or with wood care cleaner, to remove all the dirt and dust present on the surface of the deck. Cleaning the deck rejuvenates the surface of the patio and also extend the life of the wood.


Staining the deck is not a DIY process; you need to hire a professional for the job. If you would like to plan painting or staining your deck this summer, then feel free to get in touch with the professionals of Executive Touch Painters to get a smooth and beautiful finished deck for your outdoor.