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  • May 9, 2019
  • Commercial Painting

FAQ’s on Commercial Painting

Painting a commercial space is entirely different from a residential area painting. While
some homeowners try their home painted on their own, most of them prefer to hire a
local painting team to get the desired results. But a DIY painting job is not recommended because a simple mess up can cost some serious dollars and physical or material damage. Whereas, in the case of painting a commercial area, it is mandatory to hire some professional painters to bring new life and value to your business.

Our expert team at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto compiled a list of frequently asked questions obtained from different business owners. Below you can find the
relevant answers to the questions if you have any further queries feel free to Contact

List of FAQ’s

What is Commercial Painting?

When there is a business with a physical location and needs paintwork to be done, then the professional carrying out the work is called as the commercial painter, and the process is called Commercial Painting. Larger space, then many painters are required,
and they have to take care of all the aesthetics of the company to create a good impression on the client visiting the company premises. As time is a significant factor,
more painters are also used to complete the project in stipulated time. Commercial painting task is a little bit tough and risky as the whole business affects the look of the building.

How Does Commercial and Industrial Painting Differ?

Commercial and Industrial painting involves painting a building used for commercial or
business purposes, but both the process are done with different goals in mind.

  • Commercial painting involves painting of building where clients or customers are present. But in the case of industrial painting, paint is done for machines or
    a building that needs to withstand the harsh conditions of the manufacturing
  • Commercial painting jobs are conducted using latex-paints, as the latex paint dries out quickly and the building can be used for your business. For industrial painting, the buildings are not used by most of the public but need to withstand the harsh machine conditions. So oil-based paints are used, as they tend to be
    more durable and last longer.
  • Commercial Painting offers painting for the building interior and exteriors.
    Industrial painting offers painting for machinery, boats, aircraft, and structures
    such as bridges.
What are the different types of Commercial Painting Services?
  • Warehouse Ceiling Painting
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Corporate Office Painting
  • Parking Garage Painting and Flooring
  • Painting and Flooring for Retail Spaces
  • Painting and Flooring for Schools and Universities
  • Painting and Flooring Services for Country Clubs and Golf Courses
  • Painting and Floor Coatings for Places of Worship
  • Painting for Health Care Services
  • Painting and Floor Coating for Commercial Properties
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