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  • May 11, 2022
  • Interior Painting

How Can I Select A Perfect Painter For My House?

As a homeowner, you would always want your home to look beautiful by choosing the best colours and paint. Choosing the best paint is enough, but also you need to have a painting contractor to make your dream home more beautiful. To find the perfect painter, you need to follow some rules as painting a house is as important as constructing a home. If you are a homeowner looking for a painting contractor in Toronto, then you need to know more about how to select a perfect painter for your house.

Steps On How To Select A Perfect Painter

As a homeowner, you always want the best one for your house, and you need to be careful when choosing a painter for your interior or exterior painting projects. Several painting companies boast of themselves as the best in this competitive world and assign your painting project. Here are some of the points to be noted on how to select a perfect painter for your house.

1. Conduct An Online Research

In the olden days, finding a painting contractor was to ask a trusted friend or relative and pick the painting contractor based on their reviews. In this digitized world, everything has become online, and every person is looking for online reviews. Online research can also help find the perfect painting company or contractors and always look for online reviews.

2. Check Out For Painter’s Qualification And References

Before even assigning work to the contractor, it is important to check the qualification and know the details about previous projects completed by the contractor. Read all the online reviews to understand how to talk to homeowners about painting contractors. For any painter, one should look for the company’s licenses and visit the old projects completed by the contractor.

3. Ask Lots Of Questions

When you meet the estimator in person, it’s your chance to dig deeper and learn more about them and the company. Ask as many questions as possible to get the information you need to decide. Here are some of the questions that need to be asked for hiring any contractor,

  • How many years of experience?
  • Is the work conducted by yourself or any subcontractors?
  • What type of paint, colour, and how many coats is needed?
  • How long the job will take to complete?
  • Does the company give any paint guarantee?
  • Do the workers themselves clean the painting wastes, or should they take anyone else?
  • When can the payment be made?

4. Negotiate Before Starting The Work

Most contractors give their quotes for small amounts at the start of projects to earn your trust, but there is also a chance they increase the rates in the mid of the project. It is your right to know all the details and get the perfect quote for your painting project as a customer.

5. Know More About Paint Types And Colors

Even though all the contactors brief you about the paint colours before starting the project, you must know about the wide range of printing options available in the market. Latex paints last for many years and are washable.

6. Request Detailed Proposal From Contractor

Always ask for detailed descriptions of work broken down by area and phase. For example, for exteriors, the time/methods/materials to prep and paint siding, trim, porches, and windows (areas) may be different. After you have talked with so many companies, it might be hard to remember what they have said to you and ask them to conclude in writing.

7. Ask For Insurance Details

Even a perfect contractor can make mistakes, and damages can occur to your house or painting equipment. After you have gone through all the proposals, it is time to get the insurance details and update them. If you need more details, call the concerned insurer and confirm the insurance details.

8. Pay The Advance

Once you have gone through all the above steps to select the perfect painter, it is time to pay for the contractor to start the work as early as possible. Also, remember to pay the last 20% after completing the whole project.

Got A Painting Project?

Choosing the right painters for your house is a daunting task as several painting options are available. If you are a homeowner and have a painting project, you need to talk to an experienced painting professional. Executive Touch Painters have over 30 years of experience handling all types of painting projects. Contact us for more details.