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  • June 15, 2022
  • Commercial Painting

How Do Commercial And Industrial Painting Differ?

Painting a large building is a big task involving considerable investment. For optimal efficiency, large painting projects should be carefully planned and completed with efficiency. While painting large buildings, two types of projects are considered, commercial and industrial. Both commercial and industrial painting are high-level projects that are to be completed with more efficiency and accuracy to give the building a beautiful finish. If you are a business owner looking to paint your office or any other commercial building, you might be confused about hiring a painting contractor. Read on to know how commercial and industrial painting differ and how to contact the best painting company?

What Is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting is also a type of residential painting conducted on a large surface or building. While painting for large buildings or offices, time and care are spent on painting each surface separately, with all areas protected with cloth and tapes. The main aim of commercial painting is to set the mood and tone of your business for the years to come.

What Is Industrial Painting?

Industrial painting is different compared from commercial painting. The general public does not witness industrial painting as the painting is conducted inside the factory, warehouses, storage rooms, and factory places. Industrial painting can include ductwork or cement work also. The result of industrial painting is a protective layer for the industries.

How Do Commercial And Industrial Differ From Each Other?

Here are some of the important differences between Commercial and industrial painting projects

1. Method Of Approach

If you are a business owner looking to make an impression on your customers, painting your office would be a better idea. Good painting on the walls of your office will give a positive feeling to the visitors. For any commercial space, the best paint would be high-quality latex paint. Unlike commercial painting, industrial painting involves painting places where there is no need to impress the public as people do not visit industrial places. Even though latex paint offers more durability, industrial painting companies use oil-based paints because they take a long time to dry and tend to be long-lasting with more durability.

2. Appearance And Functionality

Coming to industrial painting, the main concern is selecting the paint that can withstand the wear and tear of the daily activities in the factory. Commercial painting is concerned with making the place more beautiful and creating a welcoming atmosphere for your clients. Commercial painting does not consider how many days the paint stays on the walls. So while selecting the paint, the painters will look for paints that will stay on the walls and surfaces for many days.

3. Types Of Paint Used

For commercial spaces, latex paints are preferred because the outcome would be fancier and more beautiful. For an industrial painter, oil paints are used because of their durability and long-lasting nature. Oil paints have the nature to withstand wear and tear, while latex paints cannot withstand the harsh conditions of factories.

4. Goal Of Painting

The main goal of any commercial painter is to make the office environment more appealing and relaxing for both owners and customers. In commercial painting projects, paint selection is given more importance, and depth attention is given to the combination of colours. Commercial painters pay attention to colour combinations and other things that can contribute to the wall presentation. The main goal of industrial painting is durability, and the main concern is the activities that take place in the factory. In industries, lots of things can happen, like scratches. Any industrial painter selects the paint which can withstand hot conditions.

Places Of Commercial And Industrial Painting

Commercial painting places include

  • Stores
  • Supermarkets and Leisure centers
  • Retail markets
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Educational and Medical centers

Industrial painting places include

  • Warehouses
  • Power Plants
  • Factories
  • Car Parking areas
  • Laboratories
  • Machinery that includes cars, boats, aircraft

Choose The Right Painting Company

Commercial and Industrial painting differ in the places they work and what they paint to make your place beautiful or durable. Even if you have a commercial or industrial place, our professional painters at Executive Touch Painters in Toronto are always ready to give their best output. Our painters will work with you to narrow your needs and specific needs to get the best output for your commercial or industrial space. If you are a business owner having an industrial or commercial painting project, contact us for more information.